Critical Commentary: New York City Spying on Muslims

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I have not seen the news for some time since we started back up at school but this story caught my eye right away. The headline that New York Police are spying on Muslims made me stop and read the article. The article is about how the associated press reported that New York City started spying on Muslims and mosques in the city and now Muslims are suing the city of New York. Muslims feel like they are being violated and I agree with that and that this is based off the terrorist’s attacks of 9/11 since the terrorists that performed the act were Muslim. I was very surprised and thrown back by this article because it goes against our rights as being U.S. citizens and just because of their religion they are getting spied on for things that extremists did and all other Muslims did not agree with the acts of the extremists because they knew that they were going to be judged for being part of the religion and people would not want them around. Right away the author makes sure to say that the police deny any program and their lawyer in the trial says that he disagrees completely that there was ever a spying program against the Muslims. Of course this is what the city and their lawyer are going to say. They will deny it all the way and you can know this by how the city will not release video tapes to the Muslims or other files as well. If New York City had nothing to worry about they would let the Muslims see the tapes and prove that they were not actually spying on them. An interesting and to me important part of this article is that there is not just one lawsuit against the city for these allegations but rather there are three different lawsuits being carried out on the city. Also that New York City came back with lawsuit against the allegations against them by saying that the lawsuits were filed based on being guilty by association and inaccurate facts about the claim of spying. This to me is just another reason it makes the city look guilty because they don’t want to go into lawsuits with the Muslims and they will try every option they can to get out of it. This is just making them look guiltier. Also I don’t think the Muslims are given enough credit or given enough support because it seems like the author is biased towards New York City and would rather talk about what New York City and supports them. He also doesn’t give much support or very much time in his article to the Muslims. He acknowledges them in the beginning to introduce what is going on and then just gives a couple quotes of what the Muslims are trying to do or what they have done so far and then would go back to what New York City has done or is trying to do back to them. I feel like this is going to give a bad image to New York City and people won’t be happy with this and how everyone should have their rights protected. Also I think more people will get behind the Muslims and support them in the lawsuits to fight for equality like there is supposed to be.

Matt Sledge, NYPD Muslim Spying Program Does Not Exist, City Claims In Lawsuit Response, Huffington Post, 10/7/13.

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