Komail Aijazuddin

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Komail Aijazuddin is a journalist and exceptional writer who also creates many paintings based around religious principles. As a New York University graduate who majored in studio art and art history, Aijazuddin has been painting religious works for years. He recently had an art exhibit at the Khaas Art Gallery Islamabad this past September. His art is focused on Islamic history, mythology and the modern culture. The paintings all use the warm red and yellow colors and contain deep symbolism for every part of painting whether it being the specific object being held by the person and the expressions of the people in the paintings.


In this cultural art review, religion plays a very large role because when looking at the paintings the religious background is very obvious. The artwork gives off a very traditional look to religion while also capturing a modern feel. I feel like the most distinct Islamic looks of the painting can be found in the background of each of his artworks. The choice of his background’s geometry as being infinite in the patterns was a conscious decision by Aijazuddin to represent the love of God.


I feel like Komail Aijazuddin is a very interesting artist in my perspective because although his paintings are based around his own religion, Islam, his paintings still capture his deep struggles with his view of divinity and the defining of his religion. When talking about his paintings, Aijazuddin speaks a lot about his search of faith on a personal level. There are many parallels that can be found in his paintings with Shia tradition and other religions such as Christianity, allowing a larger range of audiences to enjoy and find meanings in his art. In my opinion, as a Christian, I find his art to be very welcoming and expressive to religion in general. An example of capturing a broad audience in his art is that one of his paintings actually feature Durga, who is representative of Hinduism. This same piece is also said by Aijazuddin to represent a strong female figure in Southern Asia. His goals with his paintings are to explore Islam and help others realize the unending nature of God. He seems to want people to recognize God is always with them even in their darkest times. While creating these paintings he was living in Pakistan where there is a lot of history and news revolving around Islam, which was an inspiration for many of his works. One of the reasons he was living in Pakistan during his time spent working on these pieces of art was to try to go back to the roots of his own religion. He uses a lot of other Islamic art in the patterns in his paintings found in mosques and shrines located in Pakistan.


In summary, Komail Aijazuddin’s artwork has a strong religious background and covers various social and political issues. Audiences of many different backgrounds and faiths can appreciate his art. His pieces represent a lot about himself as an artist and a believer in the Islamic faith. Although I do not have a lot of experience in the field of art, I did find his artwork to be very appealing and also very interesting in all the details of the paintings.

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