Critical commentary: Saudi women defy driving ban

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Critical Commentary



Thesis:  Saudi women defy driving ban was an article made on October 26, 2013. The article

begins talking about how women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to vote neither drive but the

main message is they cannot drive.  Having to do it secretly and hoping that officers do not catch

them because the government sent out a clear message anybody supporting this cause would be

legally punished for example if someone was to post a video of a Saudi Arabia women driving

they would have to face legal punishment. The October 26 movement’s one of several campaigns

that have gained accelerating support in recent years, dating back to the 1990s, when around 50

women were arrested during a driving protest.


In the article of Saudi Arabia women driving it says how it is starting to cause attention to the

rest of the world because they do not have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia although this is a

matter that has been going on there for a long time people are starting to wonder if its correct,

people in their own country and people around the world and that is why they begin to have the

protest to try and get that right they believe they deserve to have and not have to hide from

officials or the government every time they step in a vehicle to drive. When first reading the

article it caught my attention because I did not know this was going on in Saudi Arabia in my

opinion this is wrong maybe there it’s because of  certain beliefs but I believe everybody

including men and women should have the right and decision if they drive or not.  In the article

they use plenty of photographs of Saudi Arabia women sitting or driving in a car and plenty of

comments from other people to show what they think as in one comment said  “it is hard to

believe that in the 21st century, Saudi Arabia is still barring women from driving” –Rothna

Begnum, Human rights Watch. And this is one of many comments in the article. Activists went

further in saying that the issue of allowing women to drive stems from a political stance, not a

social one. “The campaign had over 16,000 signatures in support of women driving. I also

accompanied a friend a few days before Saturday and a traffic police officer was taking the same

turn as us but he did not do anything,” said al-Dosari.”So the issue is not a social one at all. It is

political because the Saudi government does not want to show that they are yielding to public

demands and protests from their people. So is Saudi Arabia government just doing it out of pride

now just to say and show they won’t bend because of some protest?. In the title of one part of the

article it says taking the wheel or taking control obviously this much more than just about driving

its about rights and what’s fair. In my opinion this is not fair not only to women in Saudi Arabia

but to women all over the world and I believe we should support women in Saudi Arabia and

women from other countries should support them if they have that right to drive. With the

intentions of hopefully one day equal treatment for women all over the world.


Ismaeel Naar – Shifting gear: Saudi women defy driving ban , October 26, 2013


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