Muslims Protect Christians during Sunday Mass ( )

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When a very large group of Pakistani Muslims protectively stood outside a Christian church while people inside had their Sunday morning worship service, it made the news. While many may be skeptical as to why Muslims would protect Christians, first impressions of this article shows that differing religions can come together and unite rather than stand apart from one another. At a first glance one can see that it’s possible for people of different religions and beliefs can unite and stand up for each other. One can also tell that religion is not a barrier preventing people from interacting and caring about one another.
The subject talked about in the media is defined as an act of kindness and shows the unity of different faiths during a troubling time for Christians after an attack killed over a hundred people. A crucial part in this article depicting the harmony between the two faiths was when the Christian pastor, Father Nasir Gulfam, came out and stood shoulder to shoulder and joined hands with Mufti Mohammad Farooq after he conducted a two hour service inside the church that morning. This moment showed the media that there was a true unity and understanding between the Christians and Muslims and that no one should avoid someone because they’re different from another individual. The article shows how compassionate Muslims really are and that they’re not the violent savages that many stereotypes depict them as.
There is a variety of photographs from the day of solidarity and are powerful visual aids to show that in times of turmoil, people of vastly different faiths can come to each other’s aid and be there to protect one another. These pictures capture rows and rows of Muslim people standing in front of St. Anthony’s Church holding signs that read “One Nation, One Blood”, “Many Faiths, One God?”, and “No More Dialogue, only Action!” A long line of people hand in hand circling the church are smiling and it shows that they are happy to come to the aid of the Christian community and protect them while they have their Sunday worship. All of the photos in the article help the readers to see that the Muslims care about and have a deep respect for other peoples’ faiths as well as their own.
This article gives a positive impression of the Muslim community. They show that Muslims are kind hearted and stand up to unite and protect Christians after what is thought to be the deadliest attack on Christians. Muhammad Jibran Nasir, the organizer who made the calls for the event said to the media, “Well the terrorists showed us what they do on Sundays. Here we are showing them what we do on Sundays. We unite.” This article shows the Muslims in a positive light; it shows that they are not violent or terrorists like they are stereotyped as. It gives a positive view of Muslims and shows what they are striving for: the movement towards interfaith harmony between every human being.

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