How Muslim Fashion is Protrayed

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The way Muslims dress is used as an identity for other Muslims and the general public. Their dress, particularly the hijab is a way they are recognized and with this recognition comes a great deal of respect. The fashion world is wearing this hijab, but adding fashion to the rest of their outfit. When these models dress like this others are ‘judging’ them if you will by thinking it is all about the beauty, but really these girls’ motive is modesty and religion.

The growing Industry 

Indonesia’s government is allowing young women use their talent to design fashionable clothing. These women coming up with clothing that follows the Islamic rules and displays modesty for women. Modesty and Religion are the cornerstones of this growing fashionable nation, Indonesia has high hopes in becoming the capital of Muslim Fashion. These women are working towards having a wide variety of clothing to appeal to everyone including women in Western countries. The goal of these young women has always been to make Muslim wear look ‘cool.’ Everyone has a different interpretation of what being ‘cool’ is, however overall I think it is fair to conclude that these women were looking for something new or different than the traditional wear of Muslim women. Why is it just Muslim women that are so into fashion and making themselves look trendy, but not men? Is it because women has this look good feel good attitude in them naturally?

Pictures from an Indonesian Fashion week:

Allowing Talents to shine through

New Islamic fashion exhibition challenges stereotypes

An Australian Exhibition is about more than fashion. It displays beautiful women in fashionable clothing to draw people in, but from there these young women show there talents and the spectacular things they have achieved. This exhibit allows women to display their fashionable talent to others, especially other Islamic women which inspires them to achieve their own goals and dreams. Uniquely this Australian Exhibit focuses on how Muslims in Australia come from all around and how they use this aspect of their Exhibit to their advantage. Why is it that clothing plays such a large role in how people think of one another? Muslims aren’t the only ones this happens to, however they do see a larger portion of it than most. People are “judging the book by it’s cover,” like we were always told not to do.

Following the Obligated dress code

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One women from Minneapolis shared how she has a very hard time finding clothes that fit her religion and modest needs. This a large struggle for many different Muslims in the United States, which is why there are so many new clothes lines opening up for Muslim wear. This women from Minneapolis is one of those that took the initiative to create an online shop specifically for those women similar to her that are looking for more modest but still fashionable clothing. Stores cater to many different styles, but why don’t they provide clothing for Muslims? With the growing numbers of Muslims and foreigners in the United States you would think stores would recognize this and provide clothing that fits their needs. If a store were to open up in United States that provided clothing for Muslims they would make a lot of money.


Artizara is a business that focuses on following the Muslim religion, but keeping up with the latest trends. They believe the Muslim fashion is something to be proud of and that one should show it off to the world. Artizara was founded by two friends wanting to bring their Muslim fashion to the marketplace. They want Muslims to be proud of who they are and the way they dress. This business started off small, but has grown to be a popular online store with many admirable customers. This business isn’t afraid to show who they really are and what their religion is about.


Click here for a video of young Muslim women doing various activities in their hijabs. You will notice that there is also an article attached that debates what is being interpreted in the video. If these women wouldn’t be in their hijabs, do you think people would question why they are doing the activities they are in the video? Why does the hijab have such a big influence on how people interpret other people?


To conclude, many Muslim women feel the need to be fashionable. However there is so much more behind this fashion than just the look. When Muslim women feel good about the way they look they feel better all around and are more likely to accomplish great things. Muslim women deserve to be recognized by who they are and what they have accomplished instead of how they dress. The public needs to understand the reasoning behind why they are wearing such clothing and that their fashion is representing a sense of modesty and religion.


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