Muslim-Hindu Conflict

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Bennet Woltjer
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Muslim-Hindu Conflict

There has been conflict among religious groups around the world for generations upon generations. One particular conflict is the Muslim-Hindu conflict. This conflict has many reasons to why it still goes on today and many people disagree on what the reasons are. Muslims and Hindus typically are located in the middle east, and that is where most of the conflict takes place. Activities have been taking place both randomly and organized where people have been severally injured, murdered and so forth. Riots can happen almost anywhere, so it seems, but it’s always traced back to the supposed hatred between these two religious groups.
For the general public across the world, the media has been keeping everyone updated on terrible acts of violence or protests. Television broadcasts, newspaper articles, novels and so on have been mainly highlighting only the chaos and negativity. That’s how media works though isn’t it? Don’t they usually only give people news that is attention grabbing? It just so happens that the attention grabbing information that people are attracted to is based around violence. The Muslim-Hindu conflict has been being portrayed as a nasty, ongoing sporadic event that has lasted for countless years.
Typically, articles and news reports are centralizing around the mass riots and casualties. This causes a huge problem to people who have no idea what is actually going on. Just think, if you heard about horrific events and deaths happening because of a feud, you are most likely to come to the conclusion that one side is more in the right than the other, or that it’s simply a grudge match between the groups that is leaving innocent people in danger. It’s not that people are wrong for thinking this way, but the media guides your attention in that direction.
It’s claimed that Muslim are not capable of hatred due to their believes, and the Hindus are trying to get vengeance for past history. It’s also said that either groups are being selfish and simply don’t want the other group to be in their territory. No matter what reasons that these protests and riots are being based off of, it’s effecting the view of their religions negatively through the media.
Headlines such as “Fresh Horror in India as three are killed,” “Hidden Genocide of Muslims,” and “Dozens injured by riot outbreak in Kashmir” are tearing down the reputation of Muslims and Hindus. The authors who publish articles typically pick a side to these conflicts as well, making either side look to be in the wrong. What does this say about the religious aspects to why they are happening? Majority of the media talks about how these events are happening because of the difference in religions, but never really address what their religious motivations are. An example of this is an article written by Aijaz Hussain and published by USA Today. In his article, he used quotes from people who partook in a protest at Kashmir, and he focuses the quotes on how one side is winning or that there is betrayal happening toward one of the sides making them suffer. In addition, that certain things are being done that favor Muslims more than they favor Hindus, or vice verse. Making such quotes targeting opposing sides posses that it’s a competition.
Throughout history, these at large religious brawls have been an ongoing harsh war. Many innocent people, even children, have been effected by the actions of thousands of brutal citizens, making the India-Pakistan area a religious war zone. This is the type of sentence that puts the average media consumer in a state of awe. They hear something similar to this and freak out. They base all of their judgments off of the few descriptive words used and don’t even question if it’s being over-emphasized or opinionated. The media grabs their attention by using numbers of casualties and types of weapons used to make situations and events more dramatic and appealing. Thats how it all works, but that’s tearing down the mentality of what we, in America, think of Muslims and Hindus. This leads to stereotyping all general people who we may think look to fit the characteristics of broadly middle easterners. Once that happens first, then what follows usually is the collapse of how we view their religion.
When you hear about people dying because of religious fights, you automatically categorize them as bad people, thus making their religion bad since it was done in the name of their religion, most of the time. What people don’t see because the media never covers it, is what their religious views actually are, and how people normally act through that. Both Muslim and Hinduism are peaceful religions, just as most religions like Buddhism and Christianity. Obviously they have their differences, but it’s they are not religions that are based or encourage violence.
When mass media is on the topic of the Muslim-Hindu conflict, they ignore the religious aspects besides that they are either Muslim or Hindu. Their main focus is on the brutality that follows the disputes. If they rooted down further to why they are fighting in the first place, then more people would understand the Muslim-Hindu conflict that has been ongoing for years and years. This issue is not simply because they hate each other; they just want and value different things. In order for people to see those differences, the media needs to highlight them, not shadow them and hide them under the rug.


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