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The objective of this project is to analyze the role of women, specifically through the lens of Hindu culture. The gender discrimination stems mainly from the social class hierarchy relevant in much of India still today. This topic offers a different perspective to Western thought on an Eastern religion such as, Hinduism. In order to analyze the current status of women in Hinduism, I have searched through various sources that tell stories of women’s struggle, analyzed how the media portrays women, as well as current incidents of harassment against women, specifically through acid attacks. I find this to be a very important and intriguing topic to analyze because equality and human rights are not common as one would like to hope they are.

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  1. Acid Attack Victim Wins Indian Who Wants to be a Millionaire, YouTube, 04/15/2013.

This video presents documentation of Sonali Mukherjee’s life after the attack describing her struggles with day-to-day life.

2.  Apoorva Dutt, Why New Rules Won’t Stop Acid Attacks in India Anytime Soon, The FirstPost India, 07/17/2013.

This source argues that there has been little to no reinforcement for criminals using acid as a weapon, and until there is, these acts of violence will continue.

3.  Ari Isaacman Astles, A Glimpse at How the Media Treated Women This Year is a Look at Way too Many Cringe – Worthy Moments, YouTube.

This video gives a summary of various ways the American culture has discriminated against the female population over the course of the year. Specifically, it focuses on gender discrimination presented by the media.

4. Barbara Becker, Defacing Women: Acid Attacks on Film, The Huffington Post, 03/07/2012.

Becker offers a perspective on the need for global justice to be and a movement to be reinforced by not only authority figures, but by people of the world.

5. Cosima Ungaro, Nurbanu, Bangladeshi Woman, Forced to Return To Husband after Acid Attack, The Huffington Post, 11/29/2012.

This source reports stories of survivors from acid attack to express the concern and call for help to this ever-growing form of discrimination.

6. Juan Forero, Acid Attacks in Colombia Reflect Rage, The Washington Post. most insightful information provided here was various statistics of reported crimes against women since 2011.

7. K. Venkataramanan K. T. Sangameswaran, Acid Vengence, The Hindu, 02/24/2013.

This author argues that there have been signs of progress by the government to protect women against violence such as, acid attacks.

8. Project SAAVE – Saving Face 2012 Documentary.

This short trailer offered insight into various lives of acid attack survivors and shares their story. Project SAAVE is promoting awareness to this growing concern by illuminating each woman’s personal journey.

9. Ritu Sharma, Resilience in the Face of Violence, The Huffington Post, 05/29/2013.

This article introduces the survivor, Sonali Mukherjee. The telling of her story is a call for global justice. Additionally, a few statistics are provided to aid in this assistance.

10. Shoba Narayan, Respect the Sacred, Ignore the Sexism, The New York Times – Opinion pages. 01/09/2013.

Hinduism is a glorious religion and has many great aspects. However, this columnist expresses her concern for the future of her daughters being brought up in Hinduism.

11. Soutik Biswas, How India Treats its’ Women, BBC News India, 12/29/2012.

The most insightful information provided here was various statistics of reported crimes against women since 2011.

12. Suhag A. Shukla, Esq., International Women’s Day: Arise! Awake! My Hindu Sisters, 03/07/2013.

“The sheer violence and depravity of Nirbhaya’s attack sparked nationwide protests, drawing thousands of women and men to the streets of India demanding that the government do what it is supposed to do: keep its citizens safe by not only making and improving laws to protect its people, but actually enforcing them.”

13. The World Before Her: Women learning to kill or wear a bikini in India,   YouTube, 09/12/2013.

  1. This video is an introduction to the documentary, The World Before Her. This documentary serves to analyze the difficulty young women are facing when trying to uphold their family’s traditional view, yet stay updated with the “new”, westernized, world.
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