Critical Commentary: Muslim Peace in the Philippines

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            While violence has plagued the country of Myanmar where Muslims are the minority and the subject of violence, in other parts of the world, minority Muslim populations are gaining freedom and more rights. One place where this is occurring is in the Philippines. The Philippines has faced their own share of violence from Muslim minorities throughout the last few decades. The Muslims were “fueled by… grinding poverty in the country’s south” which is ironic since the island where this is occurring, Mindanao, is one of the richest islands in the Philippines when it comes to resources. The new agreement gives some of the money from these resources back to the people living in the area. The government has also agreed to give the local governments in the southern part of the country more power. The power agreement that was reached states that “the national government would retain authority over national defense, foreign policy and monetary issues. The newly formed autonomous region, to be called Bangsamoro, is expected to have broad local powers.” The agreement that was reached is only a framework agreement because of just needing to attempt to stop the violence. The government is still working on trying to come a full agreement with Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the country’s largest Muslim insurgent group. The two sides are hoping to come to an agreement that will cover all aspects of the violence rather than leaving parts out which was the case in the agreement in the 1992 agreement and therefore resulting in a continuation of fighting. It certainly is nice to have a country beginning to find peace when people of the same religious beliefs are being persecuted in many other places in the world.

            It seems that the tone this author uses in this particular article is one of happiness and I would have to agree that this is a good thing. Anytime that violence can be stopped is a good thing. The author doesn’t seem to over look the fact this country still has a long way to go and that’s a good thing because calling the agreement a “framework agreement” implies that there is a ways to go yet. It is a good thing not over look the road still ahead, yet the country is making strides that has been unable to take over the last few decades. Overall, the author seems to argue that the country of Philippines has made a significant stride forward in bringing its country closer to peace and after looking at what the author reported, I would have to say that I agree. It definitely seems like the country is taking a step in the right direction and making a serious attempt at finding peace with its minorities that are not happy with what they were given prior to the agreement. The author seems to provide adequate evidence to support the claims he is making. The claims make sense and work together as a cohesive whole that supports the idea that this country is moving forward in its thinking.

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