Cultural Arts Review

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Cultural Arts Review

Is Islam the Enemy?

JJ Janssen


            I looked for a picture for my cultural art review. I was forced to do a paper due to difficulty with my podcast.  The picture that I chose is of a happy Islamic family versus six other main religions.  It is interesting because I chose this picture without even trying because I was looking for interesting pictures for the Islamic point view and found this one. The family is wearing very traditional clothing for Islamic people and most of the representations of the other six religions are traditional as well.  The religious symbols that are shown are also very traditional and are important symbols of the main religions in the world right now.  The caption of the picture says “Muslims can’t be friends with Non-Muslims”.  I do not agree with the caption of the picture.  This picture is powerful because it shows a happy family, and presumes that Muslims cannot not have friends that are non-Muslims.  So the artist failed at what he was original trying to get at.  If the artist was trying to make the Muslims look like enemies, he would have given the Islamic people guns and make them look very evil. The other religions would also not be very happy and look like they are in conflict. The saying at the bottom of the picture would make a lot more sense and it would be more powerful.

This picture would still be taken the wrong way from people who are not educated about the Islamic religion.  The media only shows negative views of Muslim people.  The media focusses on the tragedy in New York and does not give unbiased view of Islamic people.  In class we talked about two men at a train station.  The Caucasian man thought if he did not get rid of this Muslim next to him, he would cause more damage to everybody.  Because of this he decided to push the Muslim man onto the train tracks.  We later find out that the guy who was killed was not even Muslim or Islamic he just had dark skin. Another example is the lady fighting against people from Islamic faith about the word Jihad.  She believed that it had a bad meaning when the Islamic organization was trying to educate Americans about what it means. The lady twisted it by linking people like Osama Bin Laden and the people involved in the two towers burning with the word Jihad.  This is not a correct association.  The sad thing is that this tactic is working because Americans believe what the woman is doing.  Some Americans are trying to kill Islamic people because false meaning or not true meanings. A key point to make is that only about one percent of the world’s Muslim population is in the United States, but they are looked down upon due to other extreme groups. When 9/11 happened the Muslims in the United States said that they were sorry the attackers were Muslims, but that these people were members of extremist groups and did not represent the Islamic people in the United States.

            In conclusion, I believe the artist had failed to complete his goal of trying to make the Islamic people look evil and the enemy.  I believe Americans need to be educated so they do not take everything in that the media is telling them. People must be willing to accept others around even if they are not from the same faith.  Muslim people just want to have normal lives and be Americans like us.  They are human beings and should be treated like humans not like monsters by others.  I believe the younger generations will determine the outcome for the future.  This is a sad time we go through right now because people are blinded by false information that people are feeding them. This world would be a better place if people were just more accepting.

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