Final Project: Burmese Buddhism

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Burmese Buddhism


JJ Janssen


            My project is about Burmese Buddhism and the conflict with the growing Islamic population in the country.  My research focused on the importance of religion in Burma and why the result is the conflict in the country.  I wondered why Buddhism was so important in this area of the world and who the conflict affected.  I discovered that it was not only the people who were Buddhist who lived there, but a small group of Muslim who worshiped Islam that are also in Burma.  

            I went deeper and deeper into the research to find out that the Buddhism that is found in Burma uses violence to achieve it purpose.  This is different than traditional Buddhism that preaches passivism and non-violence. You began to wander if the difference in the practice of Buddhism is because of Burma’s past rule by other countries and later a dictatorship.  Did this cause the Burmese Buddhists to resort to violence?  The clashes between the Buddhists and Muslims have been very bloody over the years.  Throughout my Prezi I will be explaining why this has happened and its importance for the world and religions everywhere.

            It is important that people know that not all Buddhists are peaceful and through my research I have found Buddhists who preach that other religions in their country is making everything bad.  They believe that the increase in people of the Islamic faith will only make things worse in Burma.  This has caused great tension between the majority Buddhist and the minority Muslims in Burma.  My Prezi will give you additional information about the history of Burma and the conflict that is causing all the problems in the country.

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