Actions of Racism and Religious Annihilation against Muslims of Burma

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Actions of Racism and Religious Annihilation against Muslims of Burma


While both sides of the story has their own explanations of the racist acts and the ethnic clinching .The Buddhist people of Burma seem to be religiously intolerant and behave against the teachings of the Buddha, when it comes to the Muslims of Burma, with a huge silence of their government.

It is well known that Muslims are at the end side of the spectra, being extremist, religiously intolerant, and people of other religious identities are way tolerant. Throughout the past couple of years and these current months a lot of religious intolerance signs and religious annihilation has been expressed against the Muslims of Burma, these actions were extreme, unhuman, and didn’t distinguish between age categories, according to the Washington Post: “…ethnic tensions in Burma exploded in January. In the village of Du Char Yar Tan in Rakhine state, at least 48 people were killed in two separate incidents when Buddhist mobs went on a rampage against Rohingya Muslims.” These actions are extreme and can’t go on any more; more people should be educated about that. My thesis will counter the stereotypes that are being imposed against Muslims, by using the Burma example, also show that the action of the Buddhist people is against their religion and there is no explanation but religious intolerance for these actions.

This final project, will take a form of video compiling facts, pictures, videos as well as quotes from both side. The facts and arguments raised in the sources will be presented and supported or rejected, and clarification will be made. The video will contain speeches, religious quotes, as well as analysis of this huge issue.



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