Big Business and Religion by Nia McFadden

Posted on December 11, 2014 by


Religion and big business, isn’t only just big news but it is indeed a story that media loves to sensationalize, comments fly! Outrage out pours! Masses spread the information, they share and like posts, but like a storm it all seems to blow over as soon as the media is done feeding it to viewers and listeners. This year’s story about Hobby Lobby broke when in the Affordable Care Act stated that all employers must provide their employees with health care coverage that covers all contraceptive forms at no cost. Keep in mind the unsettling issue with the Green family, who are the founders and owners of Hobby Lobby, is not covering their employees with different forms of birth control, the issue is covering their employees with emergency contraceptive such as a morning after pill. The Green family was all over the news talking against the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act, standing behind their belief, life begins at conception. The Atlantic June 30,2014) Forbs March 19,2014) The Washington Post August 19,2014) The Progress December 7,2012)


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