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Christians across the world are dying. During this semester I’ve read three articles from different media sites about Christians. The articles are “War On Christianity Still Alive and Well In America,” “Fox News’ ‘War on Christianity’: How Right-wing Hacks Created A Sect of Victims,” and “Cracks in The Atheist Edifice.”

The discrimination against Christians was the main point of the article of “War on Christianity Still Alive and Well in America” written by David Limbaugh. In this article, the author talked how people were against Christians. He gave an example about a student named Kendra Turner who said “bless you” to her classmate when a classmate sneezed. Her teacher told her that those words are for church and not in her class. And lastly, because of her being upsetting and violent she was suspended.

This author is on the right side because it seems to him that the teacher was the one who was behaving inappropriate and not Turner. Also, when the left side people were arguing about how the constitution separated the church and state, he just thought that this was wrong and led to the misunderstanding and careless judgment. This author is more strict and religious. He wants to increase the importance of knowledge, suggestion and explanations he needs in order to keep the liberty and freedom he loves in the regions of he lives that are very essential to him. And if we look at the website Human Events: Powerful Conservative Voices, these are the people that want freedom and will fight for the human rights.

The second one is about how the author from Fox News is insulting or making fun of Todd Starnes, who is a narrative from Fox News also, according to the article of “Fox News’ ‘War on Christianity’: How Right-wing Hacks Created a Sect of Victims” by Edwin Lyngar. Lyngar sees Starnes as a stupid and uneducated white fat man who gives false information about Christians. He talked bad about how Starnes writing openness and how he cited the sources when writing about the atheists or other religions. He also made fun of a man who got caught because he was holding a bible study from his back yard from “Jailed for Holding a Bible Study” (Lyngar). He would bring out everything that Starnes mentioned before such as how Starnes made “startling accusations against President Obama, claiming at one point that Obama’s ‘end goal is to eradicate the Christian faith’.”(qtd. in Lyngar).
Lyngar is more like a political and religious writer but from this article, he sounded from the left side that disagreed with Starnes, who is in the right side. He believes in ideas that support society and he wants everybody to be equal including gay people. He thinks that “America is overwhelmingly Christian and heterosexual” (Lyngar). It seems to him like Starnes is the boss and in charge of everything because he’s on the Christian side and did not think of other religions. Since he’s more into ideas that support society, he believes that it’s wrong how Starnes thinks that.

The third article is about how Christianity is increasing in China even though they were persecuted by the government. According to the article “Cracks in the Atheist Edifice,” “Recently, in Wenzhou, hundreds of crosses decorated church roofs and it have been classes as ‘illegal structures’ and removed.” The government tortured the Christians and the crosses were taken down in China by the government. The atheists thought that Christians would decrease but it reversed. The Christians are increasing; half of the lawyers are Christians in China, and they’re fighting for the civil rights.

This author is an atheist and he just reported everything that happened in this article. He is neither on Christians’ or the government’s side. He is one of the people that made the news and can vision things that are occurring, or are about to occur.

The first two authors are really biased. They turned little problems into big problems. They tried to do things on their own way and persuading others where the last author didn’t. The last author didn’t put his opinions or thoughts but reported everything that happened as it is.

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