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kamang Ngwej

“Homosexuality” Coming from another culture and living in a different culture make me understand things that I couldn’t understand before. My final work will cover” homosexuality” which is a big deal, especially in my culture .Most of my tweets were directed to the same topic  because I wanted to know more about this topic. Firs, I will justify the reasons for a same sex marriage ,by putting all the details on love. Second, I will talk about the religious part in this affair and finally I will show you how different cultures and different believes make things more difficult than they should have been. We are different and it means that we will always see things in differently None of us chose to be short, tall, boy ,girl, white or black . Even for our preferences comes from the inside. How do you know that you like pink, red, blue or yellow. Did you chose to like it???No you didn’t . It just happened and you feel attracted to this kind of thing or to this color. Is the same as loving someone. Do you remember having 2 years old and wanting a tall guy, with log hair, white or whatever. No it just happened. You just found out that you liked a tall man with long hair. I’m trying to explain how it happens and you do not have to chose. So according to this a gay just found out that he’s interested in men. He love men or she loves women. It doesn’t have to do with choice. It has something to do with feelings in the inside of the person You love without choosing is the law of the nature. You just found out that you love x or y. We have many religions in our world which have different believes and different ways of seeing things. However some churches have allowed the same-sex marriage and can bless them. there are still churches and religions that are against this practice. They present the same sex marriage as a sin according to their holy scripture, a man cannot be married to a man or a woman to a woman. They consider a marriage as an union of a man and a woman. A union in a different way is nor a marriage is a sin. Religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have traditionally forbidden sodomy which was consider as a sinful behavior according to the Bible. They call it sodomy by referring to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible. They don’t want to change what the bible said. They consider the bible and the Qur’an as the word of God and  they want to live like God want them to live. This is the reason why they are fighting for the illegalization of same sex marriage   Our culture makes us different than others in many ways like food, clothes we wear, etc. our culture has an impact on our lives and the way we see things even judging them. I’m from Africa and living in the US was a little bit difficult at the beginning. Things are really different to understand. I don’t think that the same-sex marriage will be legalize in this century ,maybe in the next one. People don’t want to know what researchers think about it. We need to time  to understand. First people are really religious, they like according to the bible ,things like that. I’m pretty sure that there is men who love men in that continent but they cannot put it out like telling your parent that you think that your are gay. Until now I’ve never heard someone saying that. I watched a funny video in which an African  boy was telling his father that he was gay and his father slapped him in the face, this automatically changed his mind. They can have that need ,maybe they cannot express themselves and will have to deal with it. The truth is that they did not chose to be like this, they are like this. In my  country they will [probably compare this to  witchcraft. They just believe that God cannot create this kind of man ,is a choice. A marriage between a man and a man have never happened in my country until today. Homosexuality is a marriage between two people of the same sex, by marriage we understand an union of two partners which consent to live together theirs lives. They key word in marriage is “love”. We are in a world of freedom so I supposed that each person is free to marry the person he want where he wants and when he wants. Religion and science will never be in common, and there will always be misunderstanding between the 2 of them. A real marriage is what you think it is and love still what you think it is. We are what we are. Follow your hear your heart and be proud of yourself. Live to the rhythm of the nature -http://t.co/xxbvE1Lt9O -http://t.co/o4HASjs6he -http://t.co/BRkx5sYw7z – http://t.co/tzXWSSbpkF

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