ISIS threat on 9/11

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On September 9th, 2014, Obama got word of a rumor that ISIS was to attack New York City and the major power plants of the U.S. Obama held a meeting that day to warn National Security and to have them be on extra look out for anything suspicious, but little did they know that ISIS was speaking to people in the U.S. via internet. A 19 year old girl met a guy that was in ISIS and he asked her to join so she was going to take a flight over there, but security caught her as she was boarding the plane. National Security found out that the people on the Internet that was talking to ISIS was telling them that they could infiltrate the U.S. from the southern boarders. “ISIS’s capability of connecting to people over the Internet and social media is as slick as I have ever seen from a terrorist group.” said Jeh Johnson from Homeland Security. Security was ordered to go to every southern wall on the eve of 9/11 and they were to make sure that no one came in or out. ISIS is also known as ISIL. The secretary of defense had to warn people on how dangerous this group really was and not to not take this rumor lightly and to remain in homes to better their safety. Of course this all started after the beheading of an American Journalist from ISIS. Ever since then, Americans were on an uproar and felt more unsafe than before 9/11.


One may think that this threat is no big deal and is just a rumor, but the evidence shows that ISIS is not fooling around. Beheading 2 American journalists and sending threats to the U.S.? Others may disagree and say that ISIS is not fooling around and are waiting for their time to strike. Will ISIS strike when everyone is prepared and ready? Will they strike a couple minutes before? Will they strike a couple minutes after everyone is in relief? We as Americans underestimate ISIS and their power. They are stronger and smarter than we may think. Who would’ve thought about talking to U.S. citizens via Internet? ISIS did. ISIS also bought $2,000,000,000 worth of chemical and nuclear weapons. Still not afraid? What about the hundreds of innocent people they kill everyday because they want to? Or this huge threat about attacking the U.S. on 9/11?


People are always saying that the Government can handle these types of things, but what if they can’t? They need our help so why not do it sooner than later. We have to start putting in our words so they can hear our voice on this subject as well as our opinions. We may not be able to voice our opinions on the 9/11 threats, but we can on any other ISIS threat we hear about. Americans always live in the past with 9/11, which is understandable, but we have to get passed that and start dealing with the actions of terroristic threats today so we can prevent another 9/11 from happening.


As I was reading up on this topic, I saw people say they were terrified for their lives and wants ISIS eliminated. Why not eliminate them? We can only contain ISIS for so long. The answer to ISIS is to eliminate them before they do anymore damage. The U.S. has to put ground troops down to defeat ISIS and we have to do that as soon as possible because who knows when ISIS will strike the U.S. Reports say ISIS may have came in through Mexico already. We have got to take them out and we cannot be patient about it any longer. The U.S. airstrikes do not seem to be affecting ISIS so we have to put troops on the ground and eliminate ISIS once and for all. This threat on 9/11 was a huge outbreak and has U.S. citizens scared for their lives. How are we going to make Americans feel somewhat safe again? Eliminate ISIS instead of trying to contain them.

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