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There is a big misunderstanding  for the meaning of the word Jihad. Many people think that Jihad means  “holy war” (harb al-muqadassa), but is that  true? the word jihad in the Arabic language means ‘striving or exertion‘. After 9/11 people started to use the word jihad without knowing the real fact about is, and the reason is that the media gave the wrong meaning of jihad for these people. As a Muslim and I understand Arabic very well; the first time I  heard jihad from non Muslim it was in the class and it shocked me because he misunderstand it. The problem was non of my his classmate knew he was wrong.  i do not blame the student for his misunderstanding, but the all  blame goes for the media. giving the people the wrong meaning, and I blame these people who ask others to fight and kill others under the word jihad.

There are tow kind of Jihad. the first one called the Lesser jihad which means ‘Armed struggle’. the second one is the Greater jihad. from this website we can define the greater jihad ‘On his return from a battle, the Prophet said: “We are finished with the lesser jihad; now we are starting the greater jihad.” He explained to his followers that fighting against an outer enemy is the lesser jihad and fighting against one’s self is the greater jihad (holy war).’

Modern Jihad

After long time of misunderstanding of the jihad; people started to under stand that jihad dose not mean war. people start using the word jihad in their daily life as a motivation to achieve their goals.


#my jihad is to pass my classes.


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