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This essay is going to be about how the media is going to represent the Hajj, the holy place for Muslim people. Mostly I’m going to write about these three topics. These topics are “The Hajj Pilgrimage” that are from Al Jazeera news, “Muslims gather at Mount Arafat for major day of annual Hajj Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia” from Fox News, and “Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca” from BBC news.
Al Jazeera represents mostly about how and why are people going to Hajj. It says that all Muslims have to go to the Pilgrimage at least ones, if they are economically or physically able to do so. There are about two million Muslims from all places of around the world are joining to Hajj to do the five – day journey to cleanse your sins and to be closer to God. Their secondary information is mostly presenting about how they have to perform these five steps of journey to God. These steps as they show, looks really difficult for people to pass therefore people have to have a lot of patients and endurance to do it. Plus they have to wear proper clothes, like for example all male pilgrims on no matter of who they are and what they have, they have to wear two piece of white garment, symbolizing a state of purity and emphasizing equality. Women also generally wear white, exposing only their face and hands.
Fox news mainly represents about the five – day journey in Hajj too, and also about the dresses and on how the Muslim pray. There are about two million Muslims from all around the world gathered at the desert hill near Mecca at Friday, and the Fox news also say Is that the Muslims believe that the day of Arafat is the day when the gates of heaven are open and when the Muhammad did his last sermon. They also talk about what kind of clothes that Muslim men and women have to wear. But they are trying to show that pilgrim people in Mecca are so peaceful, they care for each other, they don’t care who you are or what you have, and they help each other of any kind and need. So they are comparing to the people that are extremist – Isis and to the Pilgrimage people of Muslims. They have interviewed two Pilgrim guys named Deldar Rashid in Mecca, he believes that Isis people have destroyed Arab and Islamic world and gave a bad image of Islam, and by God we will defeat them in the near future”, and the guy named Negm Eldin Tarabish that said “Those extremist groups have destroyed our country. Isis will destroy Iraq like they did with Syria”.
BBC news is mainly also talks about the Hajj, the five – day journey that they have to go there at least ones in their lifetime. It is a ritual for all brothers and sister to bond with each other at the holy place of Hajj in front of God. They also talk about what kind of clothes does men have to wear and women. But what they differently talking about is about the History of Hajj. For example of how Ismail struck the ground with his leg and suddenly the water started to gush out from the earth which afterwards they named the water Zam Zam – the Holy Water. Or how the Abraham threw rocks three times to the Devil so he would leave, and Abraham building a Kaaba himself on the wish of God. There is an interesting thing that they also were representing; about on how people should act when they are in Mecca. As they show the info, they are not allowed to fight or argue, kill or hunt something, or to spray yourself with cologne. Every single person should be peaceful and loving to each other, not only in Hajj but in life too, they have to be bonded like brothers and sister and always help each other in the time of need.

In the total, why are they all representing like this? For what purpose? For what cause? And why? The answer is that, they represent on what people do in the Mecca, they don’t have good or bad purpose for it, and they are all neutral. But they don’t represent it in the same way. For example Al Jazeera news in total shows about the five – day journey, what they have to do in Mecca, why they have to do it and what they have to wear. Fox news briefly are talking about the rules inside of Hajj, but they mostly were doing is comparing the Pilgrimage people in Hajj to extremists people – Isis. They were interviewing them and showed that local Muslims would prove that Islam is not like what would Isis people do. And BBC news showed almost the same thing as Al Jazeera did, but they have explained about the history of the Hajj and what you are not allowed to do in the Hajj. Their main thing is to express what Hajj is and why is it created in our world, their secondary representing is to show the steps about the clothes, the manners, and the praying to God.

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