Christian Community & Homosexual Community: Struggle or Misunderstanding?

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Since the beginning of the Christian faith, key issues have always been a “threat” to the order of how Christianity should be. One of these on going “threats” is that of the homosexual community. But let’s take a step back think about it for second; where exactly in the Bible does it say that homosexuality is bad? Is being homosexual a sin or does committing the act count as the sin? Can homosexuals go to Heaven? How does one “cure” themselves of this sin? Are those who “choose” or are “born” attracted to the opposite sex doomed to be sent to Hell?

Many have fought for and against whether or not the Christian Community should embrace same sex couples, “cure” the homosexual of their ways, or just ignore them. Most even have extreme views on the homosexual community should be treated. Those from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church have even thought up ideas such as concentration camps for those who are gay or lesbian. This video here clearly demonstrates how those from the Westboro church feel.

After watching such an unbearable conversation between Anderson Cooper and a church member of Westboro, one can only think to themselves; are all Christians like this? Is this really how far someone is willing to go to rid the world of gays and lesbians? Are Christians all as ignorant and clueless? Throughout the video, you can clearly see that the church member truly doesn’t know what she is talking about and is clearly blindly following the words of someone who claims to have the answers. This poses another interesting question, do all Christians feel this way and view gays and lesbians in such a manner? This video here done by the GayChristianNetwork puts things into a completely different perspective.

Though this video brings up many interesting points, one key factor easily sums up the video: what it actually means to be “gay”. LGBT community (Lesbians Gays Bisexual Trans) define gay/bi/lesbian by an individual’s attraction. Straight Christians define gay/bi/lesbian by an individual’s behavior. This point makes it almost impossible for one to even begin talking about or debating the topic of Homosexuals within the Christian Community because the definition of gay/bi/lesbian are completely different. How can one even begin to talk about such a major issue in society when the definition of the situation can’t even be agreed upon by opposing parties?

For centuries, people have been struggling with this debate and there have been constant back and forth between those who are gay/bi/lesbian and those who oppose it. In today’s society where most people are more progressive and more open minded, those who have been striving for social justice are slowly beginning to see it and obtain it. Though the fight between whether or not gay marriage should be legalized and open is still one of high debate, the religious aspect of the situation still remains a touchy and uncomfortable subject matter to be discussed simply because it tests’ one’s morals and faith and views of society. These factors differ between demographics such as age, gender, and mindsets.

Though gay marriages are slowly becoming a norm throughout the US, there are still plenty of obstacles that must be overcame before gay marriage blends in with every day life. These issues are all revolved around the misunderstanding of the word “gay” and the fact that Christianity is a religion in which everything and anything about it could be interpreted hundreds of different ways. With a playing field that isn’t even universally understood, how could any progress even be made? An answer for that could be something as simple as just communication among opposing sides. If a universal definition could be established on what it means exactly to be “gay” then progress could hopefully be seen. After all, Christians are suppose to be understanding and loving, aren’t they?





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