Is media making issues worse than it actually is?

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My final project will cover the media’s portrayal of protesters before and after the Mike Brown Verdict. Also how the corruption of media is is being accepted as valid by those who do not do further research into what they are learning from these journalist. Recently this year the lives of unarmed black males such as Mike Brown and Eric Garner have been taken by police officers. It has risen questioning on racial equality with legal authorities and the government. Since the reporting’s of the murders and their verdicts, which there was no indictment of the any of the officers, has caused heavy protesting and rioting in many states across America and is even internationally being recognized as a problem in America. First I will acknowledge how popular news stations have aired information on the case and also similar cases and the protest versus how people involved in the protests kept everyone updated. Finally I will analyze how media release information can be a problem for the future if it continues to follow this path.

News stations, Twitter and the Truth

News stations broadcast news to viewers that may be true but what is perceived paints a different understanding in the audiences head and these Stations sell any information they get their hands on. In the beginning of the Mike Brown case, #IfTheyGunnedMeDown  movement on Social media discussing how popular News Stations would use pictures of the ones murdered in these type of situations to imply that they were criminals or gang affiliated. On the other hand, some New Stations use pictures that may not portray the person at all, like in the Treyvon Martin case when News Stations used pictures of him they were when he was younger and then mugshots of George Zimmerman. It was depicted it as a black and white racial issue, even though Zimmerman is not Caucasian.

Media can be misleading to the audience if they are not investigative on what is being informed. Popular news stations such as CNN, Fox News and other conservative news stations reported and gave updates on the protests in Ferguson in a negative perspective the night of Mike Brown verdict only broadcasting and showing the audience the riots, looting and the violence that was taking place, but not the pictures of peaceful protesters. Twitter activist have made it clear that they see how corrupted media can be with painting only one side of a story to sell a better story to get their ratings up. During the protesting events, many from twitter who were involved in the peaceful protests providing first person perspectives,some even tweeting while in police custody. #Ferguson having over 3.5 million tweets discussing the issue Ferguson faces not alone but america in general. Some tweets providing opinions and or facts on whether they oppose or favor the movement. Twitter has become more of a open place that gives people with or without journalism degrees to discuss and report on these issues. Even the ISIS group, who claim to be a part of the Islamic community, are using twitter as a gateway to encourage american who are protesting to attack and riot even more. News media such as FOX News even calling them “Jihadist” in their terrorism section.


In the beginning journalism wasn’t always about what news stories would get the most views or best rating, if implied in a certain way or persuade the audience in continuing reading, but the main mission was getting news efficiently and correctly to the people. Media has created many stereotypes and perspectives of a group people that does not fully represent the party as a whole. It is detrimental that News Stations be transparent about the stories they report because one person should not represent a group as a whole. Journalist as a whole should rethink the code of ethic and ponder if what they write or broadcast is meeting those standards in regards to the future of Journalism.

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