Ferguson & Relgion

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My final project is going to be about the Ferguson shooting/protests and how it has effected Religion. I’m sure that most of you have already heard numerous stories about Ferguson in the media. If any of you have yet to know exactly what happened or would like to get full details on what happened, click here. Now, you may be thinking: “What does this have to do with religion? It seems more like a racial issue.” but there is actually a lot revolving around religion, mainly Christianity. In this critical essay, I am going to evaluate multiple news stories that focus on connecting the Ferguson case to religion.


Article 1:

Religious Response to Ferguson

The first article is a video on PBS News. In this video, we can see that different people are discussing the messages that Ferguson gives to our country, and how it is effected certain individuals, more specifically they talk about evangelicals, and the students response to this occurrence. This news article, from the get go, doesn’t seem very appealing. The first thought that came to my head was, “what a boring headline they used”. Throughout the whole video they didn’t really have a positive or negative impression, up until the end they ended on a good note, saying there is an opportunity for good things to come out of this. I can’t really critique any sources they used, since most of their information came straight from each person’s brain. The only thing I could really do is give my own opinion based on their own opinions: in which I mostly agree with everything they say. I definitely think that good things will end up coming out of all of these protests and poor behavior.

Article 2:

Article 2 is called Local Religious Leaders Respond to Ferguson. The author of this article were the Editors of Religion & Politics. They ask a range of different religious leaders to give their view of the current situation in Ferguson. I’m not entirely sure why but I was really impressed with this article, just from the first couple sentences. It sucked me in and I didn’t want to stop reading for a second. Although the further they got into, I kinda got less interested. After the first paragraph, it went straight to a long quote of a song. Who wants to read all of that? No one. In my opinion it’s boring and, although they connected the song with the situation, it is not necessary. The general message they are trying to portray is to have unity for everyone. Equality, for everyone. They mentioned how Barack Obama made a statement regarding Ferguson, and they went into detail about what he said. That video can be found here. I think that putting that into this article was a great idea. It shows that everyone is involved with a small blunder between blacks and whites happening in Ferguson. They did use one source, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. It appears to be a very credible source considering it is a published book. Generally, everyone that gave their opinion gave a good vibe along with it. Everyone has faith that eventually there will be unity for all.


Article 3:

Article number 3 has the title of  “After Ferguson and Eric Garner decisions, white Christians say it’s time to stand with blacks.” Although that is a really long title, I like it. It definitely gives off a good vibe and a sense of hope for the whites and black after the whole Ferguson incident. I don’t really like the way they started off the article though. The quote they used doesn’t really make too much sense, and the first paragraph after the quote appeared to have a couple of grammatical errors. The main argument of this article was that the white christians need to stop ignoring racial divides and start bridging the gap between white and blacks. This particular Article used a TON of sources, a lot of which consisted of Tweets. I don’t really think that quoting tweets is that good of an idea, because the people who are tweeting are merely giving their opinion. A correct ‘source’ is supposed to be factual information.  Overall this was a well put together article. I think the grand message was very positive and made me feel good about humanity. In the end of it all, I think humans will soon learn to accept each other for who we are and embrace white and blacks as one community as a whole.


Article 1:



Article 2:




Article 3:




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