Pope Francis’ Views on Evolution and The Big Bang Theory.

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Recently, Pope Francis has made a big revolution to Christianity. He continues to turn heads as being the most liberal Pope in decades. Francis might even be what they call a “conservative liberal” ( Tom Hoobes, Pope Francis, The Conservative Liberal). They say he is a good mixture of both because conservatives hold onto important principles and won’t let them go. As for liberals is that they embrace all people. Pope Francis shows both sides of these by his actions and his words.

Pope Francis stated “the Catholic Church sees no conflict between science and religion.” He revealed that evolution is real and that “God is not a magician with a magic wand” ( Patrick Cusworth, catholicherold.co.uk). This has made the christian community very defensive. The Catholic Church has had a long reputation of being “anti-science” according to Adam Withnall from independent.co.uk. The reputation started when Galileo faced inquisition and was forced to retract his heretic theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun.


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Most Catholics believe that God created everything.  God created Man.  “God made the heavens and the earth and it was good” Genesis: 1-31.  Me being Catholic believes that evolution is real.  There are a lot of mixed reviews about this topic but the Pope confirming that god did not create Earth made everything real.  To give some background on the theory of evolution it was started by Charles Darwin.  It basically states that living organisms have descended from modifications from species that lived before them.


Why would you believe that God created Earth? Why would you believe that Evolution and the Big Bang Theory is real?  Catholics believe that there is a high power, which is God.  That is what they have always believed.  God is all man and all knowing to the Catholic community.  For Catholics to go against their religion and say that evolution and the Big Bang Theory is in fact real it is very much frowned upon but it all contradicts itself.  Catholics are “supposed” to be non judgmental and opening people who will accept anyone point of view but there are exceptions.  I still will consider myself Catholic, even though I do not believe that God created Earth.
The Big Bang Theory and even the theory of evolution can cause some very huge debates.  I remain open to both points of views because not only was I raised in a Catholic household so it’s hard to not think that God didn’t create Earth but I am very open to science because it seems to make more sense.  People have been looking down on the Pope for being a large catholic figure believing what he doesn’t but he is not the first and he won’t be the last.  Other people have been happy that the Pope said that because that means he is an open person and doesn’t follow what everyone else believes, which is a good quality for a Pope.


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