Religion and Science

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Relationship between religion and science

Throughout history, most of the debates between religion and science involved with God. It is really difficult for science and religion to come to an agreement based on how they see the way the world function. Scientists who doesn’t believe in God would give a reason that it based on faith and the evidence that makes them believe that science refuse God. There is Scientists who believe in God and there’s scientist who do not believe in God. Some people tend to think that Religion and Science cannot get along because they go in a totally different direction and they can never be reconciled. Based on the debate of “Scientist refute God” Scientists who against science refute God said that there are no scientific answer to what is the purpose of living on earth and the after life. They also mentioned about the big bang theory. At the time of the discovery of the big bang theory, scientists believe that the universe is eternal. So there has to be something that cause the big bang theory. Christian scientist believe that you can never find the full description of the universe no matter how much you try because universe changes over time. Just because something is there today does not mean it will stay there forever and getting the same result over a hundreds time might not have the same result later on in the future. Atheist Scientist only believe in evidence of reality and believe that there no such thing as supernatural and atheist Scientist end up winning because they receive higher vote.

Debate between atheist Scientist and Christian Scientists.

From the perspective of Albert Einstein

According to Albert Einstein point of view, since Einstein is neither Atheist nor theistic, the believe of personal God and the lack of existence of God. Einstein believe that science and religion should be exist at the same time. ” Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind – Albert Einstein ” Einstein also believe that the universe is God, and God is nature.


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