Do all dogs go to Heaven? We really don’t know.

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It recently came out that Pope Francis said that we would in fact see our furry friends up in heaven. Everyone got excited over this news and media outlets fueled the fire with their coverage of it. This story made its way to Facebook and Twitter feds. Everyone and anyone knew a little bit about this story. It’s is now coming out that Pope Francis actually never said anything and his own stance on the subject is still very much unknown. The whole story really caught on when the New York Times put out an article on the subject with quotes that cam from earlier Popes taken from an Italian newspaper and PETA. Many other news outlets then re-quoted this article and the whole thing just got worse. The New York Times now has at the bottom of their original article an edit that states that the information from this article was wrong. They say that the information that they used was “misstated from the pope and the circumstance” that it was taken from was not what they were originally told it came from. The New York Times and other media outlets, like CNN, are trying to back track as much as they can. This whole incident goes to show that you can’t truly trust everything you read because that original source could have gotten it wrong. News outlets are learning the hard way that they need to double check all their sources, something that they should already do but honestly they probably don’t. Since this whole thing started CNN has put out a few articles about the original story and the update. In a recent opinion article, the author goes on about how we need to be aware of where the quote is coming from and if they are not most known to be we versed in the subject that we should double check what they quote, example PETA quoting the Pope. Although this was an opinion piece, the author knew a lot of what she was talking about. It is stated at the beginning that she is a columnist at the National Catholic Reporter. This gives her more credibility than where the New York Times was quoting from. Many readers take what they read from news sources as fact, whether it is from CNN or Fox News. They won’t take the time to read multiple sources to decide for themselves whether or not that original article was true. This is why it is the responsibility over news sources to check facts and try to be as non-biased as they can. This is a struggle that is very prominent in today’s news outlets. They are too worried about breaking the story first that they make mistakes that the audience will take as true and most likely will not see that there is a edit on the original piece. This is very much true with this story. It wasn’t until I was googling the original story that I saw that this was all fake. This happens all to often with other news stories and it is something that we need to fix.

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