Homosexuality v. Christianity: The Battle of Marriage Rights

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Homosexuality is arguably the hottest topic of the 21st Century. With tensions continuously rising between “separate communities”, it doesn’t seem crazy that there would be conflict. In many people’s minds their beliefs are the only beliefs.  The best way to describe the relationship between homosexuality and Christianity is a battle. Homosexuality takes a little ground and Christianity tries to take it right back by using quotes from the Bible. This is a battle being fought against happiness and a battle that needs to end. Christianity should not discriminate against homosexuality in marriage.

Samuel Smith is a writer for the Christian Post, who normally rights about the discrimination of homosexuals in the Christian community which made him a perfect subject for review. News is a crazy thing because most of it doesn’t get reported, just the material that is deemed important. I was somewhat surprised to be able to find three articles by one writer all written within the last four months! Smith takes a very neutral-informative of all the articles, but does leave a slight biased trail. In the way he presents his information he says he doesn’t disagree with their rights, but he doesn’t agree. Smith is what many would refer to today as the “on the fence” population. In his article about the Christian couple who was fined for not allowing a lesbian couple to use their farm for their ceremony, he states, “Additionally, Liberty Ridge Farm must “re-educate” their employees on the New York’s current anti-discrimination law which holds homosexuals in high regard.”  He uses the word re-educate as a mock to the word itself. It sounds like he doesn’t believe in the word being used to describe how this should be treated. Smith uses sarcasm here and it tips me to believe that he doesn’t truly believe that they were being discriminated against.

In each article after the first, he begins to mention the previous article which shows that he is using previous events to show the continuing discrimination occurring today. We reach many issues on this main central idea of homosexuals not getting total rights to marriage. Cynthia and Robert Gifford not providing a ceremony location, Nang and Chris Mai no longer taking wedding photos, and Baronelle Stutzman who refused to make flower arrangements for a gay couple. These are all different stories on the same basis, discrimination of homosexuals by the Christian community. You can see a pattern where solely Christian beliefs/personal beliefs become a factor in helping a couple make their special day special. Although, Baronelle Stutzman had in fact supplied other gay couples with flowers, but not for a homosexual wedding. This also shows us the fine line between for or against homosexual marriage rights. She believes that being homosexual is okay, but does not believe in their right to marry. These all show a lack of change. Society has changed. Now to not consider other peoples beliefs would not be a very fair way to view all of this. Everyone has the right to an opinion, but homosexuals don’t believe in homosexuality. It is an instinct, not a choice. So to oppress someone for Rose Redd_Rochelle Washington_support_gay_rights_by_frenchlychutes-d31akbjsomething they cannot control, doesn’t seem very Christian like.

So this makes us wonder, what are truly Christian beliefs? Is Leviticus 18:22 a Christian belief? No, it is a quote from a religious text. To believe what was normal 3500 years ago is still normal today would be irrational at best. So to believe that society should view people the same as 3500 years ago, is a beyond false statement. Today, it takes conflict for any sort of religion to make it to headline news. Conflict is how many people view religion as a whole. This conflict is what keeps this topic at the pedestal of many media topics. Discrimination in marriage is not only an issue because of the denial of the bond of marriage, but the denial of the basic rights that come with marriage such as social security benefits and survivor benefits to name a few. To side with Macklemore, “America the brave still fears what we don’t know and “God loves all his children” is somehow forgotten, but we paraphrase a book written thirty-five-hundred years ago; I don’t know.”

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