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The article that I chose to analyze for this particular assignment deal with Pope Francis and his views on Evolution and The Big Bang Theory. Recently Pope Francis has made a big “revolution” when we are talking about Christianity. For those who do not know Pope Francis , well know that he is one of the most liberal Pope in recent history. Most individuals call him a “conservative liberal”, because he is able to hold onto important principles, but also he tries to embrace all those people around him.

Pope Francis has recently said that evolution is real and that God is not the creator of all things. This has led those of the Catholic Church a little puzzled, because not only is the Pope Catholic, but Catholics have long been very anti-science, which would leave one to believe that God is the creator of all things in the world. This strong statement of Catholics being “anti-science” came from Adam Withnall, who is a reporter for the independent.co.uk. In this article, he goes on to say that this all became true way back when the famous Galileo faced inquisition and was forced to retract his heretic theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

My first impression after reading the first few paragraphs of this article on the Pope’s beliefs about evolution and the Big Bang theory surprised me to say the least. The Pope is Catholic and is turning all these heads saying that God may have not been the creator of all living things. What is going on for the Pope to come out with these strong statements at this time? Are there other influences on the Pope that we might not be aware of? These are all questions that come to my mind as I read through this very intriguing article on Pope Francis and his beliefs. One person who could have had a strong influence on the Popes recent statements might be the famous Charles Darwin, who was known for starting the theory of evolution, The theory of evolution states that living organisms have descended from modifications of species who lived before them.

As far as my own personal view on the situation, for being a Catholic, I would have to disagree with what the Pope has recently said. I believe that God was the creator of all living things and is the one who made it all possible. IT is part of my Catholic religion and it is a belief that I will continue to believe in. Others may see things differently and possibly change their religious views on this matter. The Pope is a very popular figure and is why some individuals may think that he is a very reliable source to change their religious views on the theory of evolution and the Big Bang Theory.

On a final note, I found this analysis of Pope Francis’s recent remarks to be relevant and something that needs to be made aware of. Whether to believe him or not is definitely an ongoing conversation.

-Nicole Hahn

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