Changes in the treatment of Muslims since 9/11

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It is known that since 9/11 that the American view on Muslims has been tarnished.  They are no longer treated like they belong in our country.  America is supposed to be a melting pot of people and that is something our country has always prided itself on.  Being a melting pot country people come here for religious freedom something that is a constitutional right.  We may say that we allow this but many things have happened in recent years that suggests that we don’t want outsiders in our country especially of the Muslim faith.

Some examples of this can be small, things that people don’t normally even think to be a big deal.  Small things soon become a part of a bigger picture though.  Such as this year in New York at Pine Bush High School, for language week many of the schools decided to do the pledge of allegiance in a different language every day that week.  No one complained about this until the day they did it in Arabic.  Many of the parents called and complained and also many of the students outwardly complained during the pledge.  The school had to apologize to the parents and the students for having them do that.  The media surrounding this suggests that it’s good that they apologized and that it was wrong of them to do the pledge in Arabic.  If we are to be the country we actually say we are we need to explore other languages and religions and this includes the Arabic language and the Muslim religion.

Other incidents have happened though that have sparked bigger problems between America and the Muslim community.  In 2010 Terry Jones started the burning of Qurans to protest the imprisonment of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian imprisoned in Iran since 2009.  This was looked down upon by the U.S. military and President Obama.  Since we have freedom of speech we couldn’t really stop him from doing it.  This was his right to protest.  He ended up being fined $300 by the fire department.  Their reasoning behind that was that he didn’t have proper authorization to burn the books.  That fine was all the country could do though knowing that a protest like this could put our military in great harm.  This brought on violent protests from Muslims and Jones still claims he had nothing to do with the cause of the protests.

Before 9/11 happened Muslims were not treated any different than anyone else.  They had as many rights as the rest of us.  Immediately after it was as if they had none at all.  I read an article about a student named Adama Bah who was living in New York at the time and how drastically her life had changed.  She started to stop wearing her niqab, which was her normal attire, because whenever she wore it people would scream racist things at her.  She was 16 at the time when FBI entered her home and handcuffed her and the rest of her family saying that they no longer had rights and were then interrogated for being terrorist.  They were just a normal Muslim family living in New York.  The reason why she was being interrogated was because she was thought to be a suicide bomber.  She was put in an asylum for this and later put on house arrest.  This girl was treated terribly by our government. She is not the only one. Muslims everyday are treated poorly by Americans just simply because of their religion.

Media only covers bad things that happen.  Our news coverage doesn’t look at many good things that happen as being news therefore we only know of the bad things Muslims have done.  However I dug up an article about the good things Muslims have done for our country.  Many of our charities are run by Muslim organizations.  Also they are a huge part in American medicine.  At least 10% of physicians in America are Muslim.  Without them we would be without a large portion of healthcare providers.  A Muslim doctor named Al Zahrawi was the first person to perform a caesarean operation and was the inventor of the forceps.  Both things greatly helped with childbirth and are still predominantly used.  These things most of us haven’t even heard about because the news only really talks about bad things that are happening.  We don’t have a large Muslim population in the United States but they should be treated the same as everyone else.  Everyone needs to see the good in all of the bad news.  There are extremist in every religion we just don’t hear about them as much.


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