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Picture credited from the Washington Post

What is the latest trend in high school? Why would one even be worried about this topic? How would you interpret someone asking another person to prom, at the same time disrespecting your religion? Crazy right? As a person who explores twitter on an everyday basis, a recent fallout with promposals have gone viral.

In modern world today, there is a perception about certain beliefs, and religions generally stating that all people within a certain religion are the same. I believe that this stereotype is false and that it originated before I was born which was in the blank era. In this piece I will explain how such a topic became of discussion.


As mentioned above I explore twitter on an everyday basis. It seems as though when something comes about in the media twitter is first in making a story go viral. The picture above shows a highschool student to the left named Ibrahim Ahmed who originates from the Middle East. He is carrying a sign that reads, ” I kno it’s a little late, but I’m kinda the bomb, Rilea will u be my date to prom”.

Why does this pose such a problem? According to Ahmed, he thought that this idea was rather clever because he is from the Middle East so it wouldn’t cause harm to anyone. Although Ahmed is from the Middle East, this correlates deeply with the views that people not from the middle east have on people who are from that area. Personally, with me being from the United States of America I can say that many people from here have quite a few stereotypical views about individuals from the Middle East. One major stereotype that is well known on this matter is that all people from the Middle East are terrorist. With Ahmed strapping a fake bomb across his waist demonstrates that he is very aware of this stereotype of people from the Middle East and thought it would be funny to bring this joke to light.


          Huffington Post: I analyzed numerous sources to get a sense of how the media would portray this topic. I noticed that the writers from the Huffington Post were focused solely on why the faculty decided to suspend the student for what they titled, “Bomb-Themed Promposal”. The school principal, Mark Mansell stated, “Given the way the world is today and school safety, even if one parent or one student was upset about this, it causes issues”. Ahmed stated that the suspension felt kind of racist. This is very intriguing information from the Huffington Post writers. I fell as though Ahmed should feel that the way he presented his promposal was racist towards Middle Eastern people and religion, rather than calling the suspension racist.

Washington Post: Furthermore, I analyzed the writers from the Washington Post source as well to gain further understanding on how they viewed and would write about this controversial topic. They titled this topic, “Fake suicide bomber”. Right away from the title I can tell they are more centered on gathering information to see if Ahmed understood the sensitivity level of this topic, given the views many people have on Middle Eastern people. Ahmed stated, “Being a Middle Eastern child, you are growing up with all these bomb jokes, it’s kind of like it’s always a thing that’s there”.


          It is a necessity to take into consideration the sensitivity level of what Ahmed did. I say this because, a lot of people have classified all Middle Eastern people as terrorist, especially following post 9/11. Is this right? It is never right to classify a group of people as all the same because many people have their individual beliefs within their own religion. We must answer the question, why do people think Arabs and Middle East people are terrorist? I say, when you don’t know anyone personally or know only ones you dislike, then you associate them with the worst that you hear about them. You dehumanize them and don’t appreciate the diversity amongst them.


 Following Ahmed’s promposal there have been almost a chain like reaction to the number of promposals that began to be presented that dealt with religious views towards Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and many more. The trending topic of promposals almost gives off a bitter sweet feeling to me. It is a great way of showing stereotypes about religious perspectives and racist viewpoints, but at the same time shows that all individuals need more education about religion around the world. Instead of taking a “My religion is true approach”, which refers to having understanding that what you know and already believe in is true, we need to take the approach which is known as, “Hermeneutic of suspicion”. This is the meaning of interpretation. By using this approach when speaking of religion, this can help resolve people from classifying all people as the same who believe in the same religion.


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