Indiana’s RFRA and its portrayal in the media

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The Indiana Religious Freedom Reformation Act, RFRA, has recently been passed and it allows individuals and companies to legally discriminate against people who are participating in activities that are not allowed because of their religious beliefs. The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed the RFRA into effect and immediately began to receive scrutiny by those who opposed the Act. To effectively look at the topic, the prezi below shows the headlines of twelve news sources and analyzes each source individually.


This is an important topic for the media to cover because it could potentially lead to legalized discrimination against many different groups including the LGBT community, as well as potentially leading to the rights of corporations and individuals being compromised.
It was very easy to compile sources because of all the attention this topic is receiving. All of the other sources painted a picture of RFRA opponents and protestors as being the good guys and the supporters of the RFRA as the bad guys. Many of the authors brought their personal opinions into their articles, which can lead to some pretty convincing arguments, but the reader must keep in mind that it is the authors personal opinion and not fact. Some sources even brought up the fact that mainstream America is now in support of the LGBT community and the RFRA needs to be fixed so that this group cannot and will not be discriminated against.
The fact that Indiana’s RFRA and the federal RFRA, which was passed in the 1990’s, not being the same was brought up quite a few times throughout all of the sources. This indicates that even when the federal government deals with RFRA issues it doesn’t allow for the discrimination to the extent that the Indiana state law allows. There were only two sources that were in favor of Indiana’s RFRA. The article written by Micheal Brendan Dougherty published in The Week, believed that people were making too much of a fuss about the topic and the other article written by Robert King published in the Indy Star showed the opinions of a Pastor Alliance group of Indiana which stated that they felt that Mike Pence would be selling out I he made a fix to the RFRA.
By analyzing each source individually it was easy to see that the topic of religion is a very sensitive subject. The fact that individuals and corporations may have the ability to discriminate against those who participate in activities that aren’t allowed because of their religious beliefs calls for a media frenzy. It will be interesting to see what other issues surrounding the RFRA will arise and how other news sources will portray them.

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