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When most people hear the  word bomb they picture some something like this




or maybe even to be a little more realistic they picture something along the lines of this,


We hear about bombs all the time, in the news on the internet, sometimes it seems that every time I watch the news someone has tried to blow someone else up with a bomb they tried to make themselves. With all the recent bomb scares we’ve had in America over the past 10 years, everyone is on high alert. But is accusing a 14 year old Muslim boy who aspiring engineer really what our nation has come to? For my project it is my goal to really find out about this bizarre story that took over the news a few months back.

First I will start by giving some of the main details about the story. 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed, future engineer




built a clock at his home in Irvin, Texas. Ecstatic about his new creation he brought it to his school to show his teacher.




The clock did look a little bit shady, so his teacher called the police and Ahmed was arrests for bringing a hoax bomb to school, bringing fourth many questions about his religion, ethnicity, and the clock itself.



In my project I will compare different articles to see what different sources know and have to say about this very controversial story


It seems as though many sources are taking one of three sides. They are either sympathizing with Ahmed, saying it was a set up, or taking the middle ground and saying both.

What the sources have to say about him completely innocent:



  • Islamamophobia in America
    • All we hear is bad things about Muslims so we assume they are all evil.
    • Because his last name is Mohamed and because he is Muslim they assumed it was a bomb.
  • The media
    • All we see on tv, the internet, and the news are how barbaric some Muslims are.
    • The media tells us that Muslims are out to get us and be carful and on full alert.
  • He is just a boy who loves to build things.
    • He was just doing what he loved.
    • He wanted his teachers to proud.
  • Even people like Barak Obama are taking his side and supporting.
    • He is showing America that most Muslims are great people.


In the articles that support Ahmed, they all seem to have something similar to say. First and foremost they al blame the media of what we as Americans believe about Muslims, which it is sad to say they are not wrong. There is also a lot of comparisons made in each article that is his name wasn’t Ahmed Mohamed and if he wasn’t Muslim there wouldn’t even be a story because no one would have even thought it was a bomb. It seems many famous political figures are also backing him.


Sources against Ahmed Mohamed :

  • com, Ahmed Mohamed clock is a fraud video, how Ahmed the clock boy conned America video, http://www.thegatewaypundit.com
    • Ahmed did not even make a clock; he only took apart an alarm clock and put it into a box.
    • Ahmed had a history of pulling pranks at school and getting suspended.
      • He was trying to stir things up and school and it went viral.
      • He wanted to be an edgy Muslim kid.
      • He tricked all of America.
      • His sister had made bomb threats to the school in the past.
    • The teachers were not islamaophobic; they just have a zero tolerance policy so they were required by law to report it.
    • He even knew it looked suspicious and he still took it took it to school
      • He set the alarm because he knew it would go off and cause alarm.

The sources that are against Ahmed Mohamed range in why they think he is wrong. The all seem to have the common ground that Ahmed did not even invent a clock he just took one apart and stuck in a box. Also it seems like he was a trouble maker at his school so he knew he could stir the pot easily, what he didn’t know was that he was conning the world with his prank. They all seem to have an angry tone about them, the people who created this article come across as almost betrayed.


Sources that take the middle ground on Ahmed’s case.

There were no as many sources about people sympathizing with and thinking he was a liar. There were a few though. The said things like he is a very smart boy who has the capability to actually invent something cool, but he is also I known troublemaker. They also say it either meant to be a hoax or it was just a common mistake.


The media has always been very good at persuading people to believe certain things. When this story first circulated every one was outraged that a 14 year old boy was accused of making a hoax bomb just because he was Muslim. No one knew many details or facts about it but because the media did what it does best and twisted the details to make it looks like Ahmed was totally innocent and the teachers were these horrible racists people. After a month a started to notice other articles coming out saying he wasn’t as innocent as first thought. Then there were a few sources that were giving all the details of the situation thus changing people’s perspective such as my own. To me it almost seemed like the big news sources were the ones making him look innocent because they knew that’s what the viewers wanted to see, and the not so popular news sources were the ones giving all the facts even though it was unpopular. Media has a way of sculpting the way we see things and that can either be bad or good.


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Against him:

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In the middle:

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By: Catherine Smith


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