Cartels destroying Roman Catholicism in Mexico

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‘El Chapo’ Drug Lord escapes:

‘El Chapo’ Guzman escapes from a Mexican maximum security prison with less than 10 minutes. Guzman was one of the most wanted dealer in the world. El Chapo’s gang build a 1 mile tunnel where he escape from prison. It’s a big chaos because it seem like no one knew what was happening. The corruption and violence in Mexico is only affecting the population because  they are splitting them from the religion. Many of this people are scared to go to mass/church because they can killed them if they talk. So its bringing a big problem to the Catholic church because a lot of this people are changing their believe to where is causing more violence.


Fox News ‘El Chapo’:

It has become a chaos to the Mexican Government with the escape of ‘El Chapo’. Many news companies all over the world have express the corruption there is in Mexico letting a drug leader escape. It has affected the Roman Catholic church because the number of catholics have decrease for the past years. It has become an attention to the new Pope, Francis. It has a bias opinion since many people don’t think it affect the Catholic church. But statistically since 2010 the number or catholics have decreased because of violence and corruption.


Los Zetas Mexican Drug Cartel:

The documentary expresses all the violence that is affecting today in Mexico. Los Zetas have increase their power in Mexico which is affecting the citizens and hundreds of innocent people are killed because of drug Cartels. Los Zetas have demonstrate their power with violence. Los Zetas use ‘Black Magic’ to ritual animals faces. Other know it by ‘Grim Reaper’. Los Zetas pray to the ‘Death’ for protection which vandals the Roman Catholic. Many of Los Zetas had been Roman Catholics before they become part of this Cartel. For the same it has affected Mexico as a Catholic country for the past years. Los Zetas have used ‘Grim Reaper’ to their own way becuase they know that all the violence they do is a ‘sin’.


Catholic  News:

Pope Francis will visit Mexico early 2016, bringing hope and peace to Catholic families who have suffer from violence. He will be in Mexico for around 15 days and is expected to visit Michoacan, Cuidad Juarez, Mexico City, Chiapas and probably other. Pope Francis will be focusing in the violence, corruption and migrants who want to reach to the U.S territory. Pope Francis will be visiting cartels land in a way to perform peace and hopefully to have less violence. Many of the battles between drug cartels have been in Cuidad Jarez border costing more than 10,000 deaths. Along with other visits, he will be going to Michoacan where a lot of the violence comes from. A quasi-religious drug cartels known as Knights cartel have been in power of the state and produce methamphetamine in clandestine labs. One of the main reasons Pope Francis will be visiting Mexico City its the second most populated Catholics and where most politicians are surrounded such as violence and corruption. Pope Francis visit would reinforce the faith to many families who are scared by the violence erupting everywhere. It has become a big issue to the Vatican since most of the new generations are only learning what violence is but are being killed and more than anything are growing non-Catholics. This will hopefully break down the wars between cartels. But more than anything help rebuild the ‘faith’ citizens had for the Roman Catholic church.




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