Pope and Politics

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Pope and Politics


There has always been a big, yet small line between how we should live our everyday life. On one side of the argument, we have the people who think that politics is the way we should be guiding our lives, while in the other we have the people that believe we should live our lives following a specific religion and according to the morals respected by them. Then we always have the people that are stuck in the middle, like myself, and the people who simply just don’t care. Growing up in a society where there are many opposing views on everything and people are no longer afraid to express their thoughts or opinions can make it difficult to find each persons self-identity. With that being said, there is a lot that the media has to offer in every direction. Different medias have used great situations as a form of communicating other things. As the reader, you must always look to find out if this specific article or whatever you may be reading, watching or hearing is out to inform you in an unbiased way or to try to persuade you to whatever that author may want you to believe. This is the most crucial part of it because especially for an era like us, where we were born in such a highly spoken yet highly unaccepted for who we want to be time, it is important to find our own identity without the opinions of others.

This past year there have been many religious and political related articles, videos, interviews, and documentaries that have struck light for many good and bad things. One that has stuck out to me has been that of the visits of the Pope to the United States and with that in mind the visits planned to Mexico. The Pope has always been a very important person in the Catholic faith. And for a person like myself, under the Catholic religion, I see his importance. In the past months the Pope came to visit the United States and it became a highly expected visit. What I found so crazy about it is that many people, who are not even Catholic or religious for that matter, had such an impact in it as well. On September 22, 2015, Pope Francis finally arrived in the United States. He had massive crowds everywhere he went. Eighty thousand people waited for his arrival in Madison Square and Central Park. He was here to try to make a difference, with a person like himself, having such large support from the religious and non-religious, I believe the analysis “Time will tell if Pope Francis’ visit has truly changed America” did a wonderful way of speaking all the sides of it in a non-biased way. In this analysis, the author spoke about his anticipated arrival, and like I said between all people. He spoke about what the people wanted to hear. Although not everyone is a committed Catholic, all of the people that came, were there to listen to Pope Francis talk about the large topics, the biggest ones were the helping of refugees, immigration, poverty, global warming, and the death penalty. He spoke of the United States and reminded Americans that the US is a country that was “largely built on the backs of generations of immigrant communities.”




In another article, Pope Francis, a man of courage and love”, the editor had an approach through the love, and although he used the word love to explain many things in the article, he used them in a way that religious and non-religious followers could come to understand. As he talked about Pope Francis coming to speak in many different places he came down to underlie one thing, “love.” The author mentioned that he could not remember ever seeing such excitement for a religious figure” which is absolutely true it comes to prove the importance that the Popes visit had on the all people. The Pope affected people of all ages, religions, backgrounds, political views, and income. The author although his own opinion, was able to actually describe the feelings that thousands upon thousands of other people were feeling, the author stated: “Pope Francis, to me, is a religious man; a man with whom I might not share a faith, but one whom I was quite nervous to meet and definitely intimidated to sit next to. I hope that my heart acquired something from that experience that stays with me beyond the moment, so I can one day live with the same selflessness and love, to bring understanding and peace to a world that right now is so very much in need of it.”

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In another article, although speaking about the Pope, it involves something that also made new headlines in the fall of 2015. This was including the Kentucky county clerk; Kim Davis who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples earlier this year. This brought a lot of heat from people on both sides because some agreed that you should live by your morals while others said if she didn’t want to do that she should find another job. Well throughout the whole scandal, Kim Davis managed to be able to have 15 minutes with the Pope to speak about things. Although it has been demonstrated that the Pope has mentioned like he did in the last mass held in Philadelphia, saying “God is revealed through the ‘covenant of a man and woman.” We have seen that he also signals a more welcoming comment, stating: “Anyone who wants to bring into this world a family which teaches children to be excited by every gesture aimed at overcoming evil — a family which shows that the Spirit is alive and at work — will encounter our gratitude and our appreciation. Whatever the family, people, or religion to which they belong!” It seems as if he knows that many Catholics do not believe in same-sex marriage, but the good in the religion should be to at least respect them if they are being good people, either by raising their children, or by contributing to the community, helping with the poor, and having empathy for one another.

These articles are just some of many out there that help give you an inside at the world of media, whether good and bad, it is important to always give yourself your own reasons gathered with your thoughts and morals to figure out what is best for yourself. As a world that is constantly changing for the better, we also need to remember that there are a lot of bad things still happening in the world and having your own sense of power to make your own opinion whether you agree with any given topic or not. Always find your own identity!








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