Pope Francis’ 2016 Visit to Mexico

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Pope Francis announced that he will visit Mexico in 2016. He has for a long time expressed interest in the country and stated that his visit will need to last at least a week. Mexico has been predominately affected by violence for decades. With the Pope’s recent announcement to visit Mexico, it is highly expected of him to address injustice, corruption and violence. The announcement of his visit has been over shadowed by countless people wanting the Pope to be a solution to those problems. There is in fact little information about his agenda in Mexico so no solid implications can be made. But because Mexico has been overcome by violence, people can only think about who is capable of bringing about a solution. It is implied and expected that the Pope’s visit be as influential as John Paul II’s to inspire people to reduce violence. There is little talk about immigration and how the Pontiff wishes to show solidarity towards immigrants. Unfortunately because there is not enough information about the Pope’s visit, the topic of violence has overshadowed his visit.


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