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Joe Daly


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World Without Guidance

People seem to be lacking faith in many ways. Faith is what makes me get up everyday and want to start my day. With out faith I really have nothing in life and it troubles me when people want to deny religion in their life. I have seen things in my life to know that God is real and everyone should experience faith in their life either if you are Catholic, Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, everyone needs faith in their life.

Religion and morals and ethics are being taught differently in America today. When I heard about America taking “in God we trust” of the dollar I asked myself, “why.” People are becoming less and less inclined to help their fellow man and to worried about themselves. Back in my Grandparents time a hand shake was all you need to close a deal; that shows respect. Today you can turn on the news and see a young kid knocking out an older lady in a church. There is no respect for others and no morals in today’s world. Faith in God makes you a better person in all aspects of life which I have come to realize. I’m not saying I’m a saint at any means, I just am fed up with seeing no respect for anyone today and I think its because Religion is dying in the west.

Religion is almost absent in the news. Social media has a tremendous effect on the news which is a horrible thing. There has been cover on religious groups like Sunni and Suites, or ISIS over the years(which is all about how they are killing each other), but nothing about the progress of a certain religion. There is certainty nothing on religion right now because everything is focused on the election. The Pope has been getting some coverage, for the first time ever he has come to America. He is trying to make religion more relevant to people. Religion is dying mainly in the west and is not covered in the west really besides the Pope being here.

In general, certain religions are dying off, but the values and the teachings should be kept around and the upset of those should be covered in the news. Religion teaches us to be better people to each other which in my book is a good thing. I don’t know about you, but living in a world where there is news about happier things and everyone being nicer to one another sounds better than what is being covered on the news today.


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