Hell Toupee

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In this day and age people should be able to see the injustices against other religions or races within the world. As President Barack Obama’s time comes to an end, America looks to a new leader who will be trusted to look onto foreign affairs and public affairs. Now there is one candidate who is running for the Republican, this man is Donald Trump. Personally I don’t care for the party system, I just believe we need a good leader, and this man, is not that. As his name and face is often in the news now a days with both supporters and protesters clashing to make him look good and bad, it’s no wonder why we have many violent clashes between protesters and supporters.

To begin I’ll dive into the biggest problem with Donald Trump, and that is his racist and prejudice views. He is very well known to have shown that he wishes to force the Mexicans to build a wall on the boarder, so they may not get into the United States. But what seems to be the worst in these are his views on Muslims. Donald Trump has said he wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States, all because of Isis and Al-Qaida. His unavoidable ignorance is not being able to be seen by tons of Americans. Just because someone is Muslim, many American people now have now been using the term “Jihadist” and calling Muslim Americans terrorists. I cannot believe the level of ignorance we have in this country. Donald Trump only made this worse with his plans and ideas, Muslims were already seen as bad people when most of them are not at all.

Second to the playing field there is the facts of how Trump read different books on Adolf Hitler and Adolfs’ Political tactics and views. Put this together with Trumps blatantly obvious problem with the Muslim Community, and we have a math problem here. Donald Trump + Presidency + Already Standing Prejudice on Muslims= Likely hood of a trial to repeat history. Trump already shows he is paying off people in politics to vote for him to be nominated within the Republican Party, this is known by the fact that he has made fun of them in speeches, mocked the Republican beliefs and ways of running for governmental spaces and having been  laughed at by majority of the Republican party. So why is he getting crucial votes to be nominated for the Republicans’ Presidential Candidate? Paying off the people to get their votes, that is all that can be as a reason. This can easily be done to convince passing of bills and laws to be able to get closer to banning Muslim people from coming to the United States. This is sickening, many celebrities see it, one would think that how regular people follow the trends of celebrities like it’s a normal thing to do, but even with celebrities talking against Trump, these people apparently gained a mind of their ‘own’ and still follow Trumps ideas.

Trump knows he is able to use Islamophobia to scare people and get them to go against the Muslim Population. As Hitler had done, he knew Jewish people in history were used as slaves and shown to be lesser and used that as propaganda. Donald Trump is obviously using this devilish tactic to try to make his plans work out. He may not want there to be a holocaustic event in the United States, but he is using Islamophobia as propaganda to scare the ignorant and ill-informed people of America (seemingly being a good majority in the population and government). How almost no one sees this as a problem is surprising to be. I am glad there are protesters in California against him, but sadly Trumps supporters are willing to violently fight back, in many cases hitting and brutally attacking Trumps protesters. With more and more people falling for this rouge that Trump is playing, he is able to make the Muslim Population look like monstrous people who only want to blow things up, when that is not true. Many Muslim peoples do not believe in this extremist view of the terrorist groups.

Bringing up the awful events of the Boston Bombing, it easily shows the immediate hate towards the Muslim community. Before the videos were even released of the suspects, the news blew up about claiming it was Islamic Muslim terrorists. With them saying likely tied with the extremist groups. I even remember the sad things I heard my mother say when she heard about the bombing, when she saw the two brothers who did it. I myself do not have these views but due to studies and things done with the mind of people, everyone has their own inner racism and prejudice, even if we may not believe it as our view, society has built up stereotypes that live in the backs of everyone’s heads. Most people do not speak these things out loud, but sadly, and instance in my mother’s case, she called the Boston Bombers a new term that I had never heard used before, this was “Sand N” as in the derogatory term used to describe those of African Descent. Using those two terms, to describe the dark skin of the two bombers, on top of Sand to describe where she thought this came from. Given she grew up in New Jersey, and my Grandmother on her side does not censor her language at all around anyone. My mother has been desensitized to these things, but managed to refrain from using these terms all but three times in my lifetime of what I can remember. And yet, both her and my father still do not believe what Trump is saying is right.

Now to reference off of the Clooney Family, George Clooney’s wife, has spoken out against Trump and his views on Muslims. Showing that Trump is an insensitive jerk, not just in social media, but also just to be around. It is all around ridiculous how Americans can fall for this ploy, and yet, 90% of my generation I have met and talked to about the events Trump is laying down, are actually being smart about it. Giving my living situation being in the heart of America’s Bread Basket, it is rather shocking to see so many people who are against Trump. Yes I may have a stereotype mindset with even my living area, but in all seriousness, I am shocked but very pleased that the Generation next in line for the throne of the Earth, actually is showing common sense, and more tolerance than I saw growing up. It fills me with Determination to know that our great world will be run by people who are still intellectual and perhaps, even more innovative than the last, not to say that all the things our predecessors have been bad, all of it has helped us learn from mistakes, or advance our understanding.

To end out, I hope that this can shed more light on who and what a Donald Trump really is. His views are embarrassments to America, and if elected, and things pass that he wants, our world will be turned upside down. My final statement I learned of during research on President Barack Obama. There has been a group of people who believe that Obama will lead to the Obamapocalypse, the all-out end of humanity for electing Barack Obama, and this doomsday has not happened, but there is still some time where it could come true, but as I believe it’s not going to happen, but it will not delay an apocalypse caused if Donald Trump is elected, and trust me, there will be Hell Toupee.



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