Donald Trump Banning Muslims

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Batula Hilowle

Professor Petersen

World Religion

2 May 2016

On December 7th 2015, republican front runner and businessman Donald Trump made an ordeal. That ordeal was to ban all Muslims from entering the United States for hatred. Currently in the united states there are 2.75 million known muslims. With the increasing number of Muslims the fear of Islam, better known as Islamophobia, is gradually spreading and sadly it is favoring in Donald Trump’s favors. If his prophecy is fulfilled then everything the constitution stands for will be fake, Muslims will feel as if they do not have a home in the United States, and everything will become corrupted.


Among the first amendments of the constitution is freedom of religion. Freedom of religion allows anyone to practice a religion or not practice any religion at all as said by the founding fathers. With that being said, Trump’s proposal goes against everything that the constitution states. He is banning innocent people who are coming to the United States from their war torn or poverty struck countries just because of the religion they practice. The United States was solemnly built on immigrants coming from all parts of the world to make a new home in America for themselves and their families. That, is why so many people look for new beginnings in the United States amongst all other places. It is because they know they can not and will not be discriminated against for who they are, where they are from, and what they believe in. Yet, that is exactly what Donald Trump wants to take from them. With his plan, Muslims would not be allowed to come in and it would only be a matter of time before other races or cultures are discriminated against based on what Trump thinks or feels like doing. It would also just be a matter of time before Muslim-Americans feel threatened or as if they are a burden in their own country.

Muslim-Americans would feel as if they are anywhere but home in their own home country. With people from their religion being banned to enter the United States, what should make them feel so safe? They would have to panic about what could happen to them at any minute with the leader in charge having a vendetta against Muslims. Just like the Japanese endured everything that they had to go through after the Pearl Harbor Bombing in Hawaii, it would be the same situation again all over again except this time, the discrimination is not targetted up a certain race but rather a religion. Muslims might have to be put in concentration camps “For their own good,” and be treated as if they are prisoners of some sort just like the Japanese were treated the same way. They would feel like they would have to prove their loyalty to their country and that could result in them possibly losing faith in their religion to gain the trust of their fellow citizens who are doubting their loyalty to their country.  People who believe in other faiths would think that there must certainly be something wrong with Muslims, or else the potential president of the United States would not have made a proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. The suspicions of Non-Muslims would cause Muslims to feel alienated in their own country, then that would be causing them to want to go anywhere else but the United States. Who would want to leave their own homes, the place they were raised and grew up in all because one man does not like the religion people are practicing? No one. No one would want to do any of that but because of Donald Trump, they might just have to go and begin a life somewhere outside of the United States.

With there being no Muslims in the United States, the whole country would become corrupt. We as a nation would fall apart because other countries that look up to the United States would look at us differently. They would think: ‘If the United States could get rid of Muslims so easily and wipe them from their country, what should make us think they will not do the same thing to our people that live there currently?’ When the Muslims are banned from entering the United States, they will have to travel more than they have already to other nearby countries or countries that will take them in so that they can look look for safety. With the number of Muslim refugees fleeing their homes, there are only so many refugees a country can take in. With that being said, the United States would be setting up for their own downfall. No other country would be looking up to the United States as they are right now because of their ban. They would all see the United States as a country that once opened their arms to any and all refugees and people in need of help, but now a country that has no sympathy for the lives of women and kids coming in from countries like Syria that have nowhere to run to with ISIS and other militant groups taking control of their homes and taking their husbands and young boys as recruits for their terrorist groups.

Some Trump supporters might argue that because of everything that has been going on with Muslims and Islam on the news lately, it is best that Muslims be banned from the United States. ISIS attacking in the United States on multiple accounts has everyone spooked .With that though, people must remember that one action does not categorize a whole group of people. It would basically be judging people based on the actions of someone else. So with that being said, Islam is Islam, ISIS does not define Islam or the nature of the Muslim people. Muslims do not base their religion off of what ISIS says or does, they base their beliefs on the pillars of Islam. Even with ISIS around now, you have got to admit, terrorism has been going on long before Trump has begun running for president and sadly, it will only continue with or without Muslims. Attacks will still be made and violence will still exist within the United States no matter what is done about it.

So in conclusion to everything that has been going on with Mr. Donald Trump, he should not ban Muslims from entering the United States. His banning Muslims will only do more harm than good. Not only for the country but all the people in and out of the country. No one will be satisfied of his proposal besides those people that hate Muslims to the point that they would turn their back on innocent people in their times of need simply because of their religion. One has to be heartless and filled with nothing but hatred to do something like that. So, my question then is: what would our forefathers think of us now if they came and saw that everything they put together to make sure the United States sticks together and stands strong is falling apart because of one man and his scheme?



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