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Each year we are reminded of how politics reign supreme because of the take over of local sidewalks with signs advertising the next upcoming nominees, billboards strung out through town, and many other indicators. These further push the notion that politics are one of the driving forces in today’s society when it comes to “role”models and public figures. As time progresses, the candidates on these advertisements will proceed to attempt at winning over communities by swooning them with ads, rallies, more advertisements, etc.

Nearly every time a politician speaks publicly, they say the words “God Bless or God Bless America” in some sort of context. Also, praying for things such as those effected by  natural disasters or terrorist acts, further pushes that religion is forever intertwined in the world of politics.

However, news media outlets time and time again neglect issues that have religion involved, but have no problem putting negative or positive connotations on candidates that come out with their religion(s).


Religion Rules Politics

Currently we are undergoing an election for our upcoming president, that shelves several individuals that have come out and explained their religion is some sort of form. Religion is becoming a more prevalent topic in debates and interviews for candidates. They’re asked things such as their stance on God, what religion they belong to, and other related topics. One wrong statement or uncertainty and they can be ‘eaten alive’ by the media and its viewers, to only have a decrease in their ratings.

The following clip of the current front runner of the Republican Party, Donald J. Trump, shows him getting questioned by the host on his religion and other related topics.

Religion is something that cannot be dismissed when brought up during interviews or other related events because of the prevalence that religion is taking hold. Something as simple as saying that a group of individuals “should change their beliefs” can cause some outrage with some citizens. Take the following clip of Hillary Clinton stating that Christians might need to change their beliefs. Several people comment things that exhibit frustration and disgust about the following statements made by a politician.


We are often greeted by news outlets letting the world know of events that have transpired, both positive and negative. Constantly the news is flooded by the extremist acts of individuals known as terrorists. Terrorism is an act that brings several individuals to form a coalition that seeks out justice in situations such as terrorism, and bring light to this horrific event.

With that being said, politicians are the coalition that bound together to battle these terroristic acts. In a handful of cases, these acts of terrorism are because of a ‘religious’ act that the terrorist believes makes them a successful martyr. Recently, these acts of terrorism have been done by a group known as ISIS, ISIL, etc. , which are known to be driven by the Islamic religion. These individuals only represent a very small percentage of the religion, which a lot of our nation has yet to grasp and comprehend.

All of that being said, politicians reacting to these acts is another form of religion in politics. It brings attention to the subject of religion, usually in a negative context because of how catastrophic these events are and the communities they effect. Normally, it’s the president with the initial reaction to the world, which tends to be a very concerning, comforting statement regarding who was responsible for the attacks. As I stated earlier, these acts are wrongfully done by a group afillitaed with a religion or organization.


Religion will continue to be a hot topic in debates and elections, which could possibly pose as a threat to some candidates if they don’t tread lightly when it comes to citizens and their beliefs. More so, religious topics and events will become more prevalent when deciding on new politicians because of the increasing number of individuals getting involved with religious factions.


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