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Jesus Hallsted

So Ever Since Trump Began His Campaign He Has Said Many Hash Words Toward Different Groups Of People. I Am Going To Mainly Discuss And Analyze One Of These Groups, I Will Go Into Further Detail On His Choice Of Words Toward The Muslim Community. Today I Will Tell You (3) Ways Donald Trump Has Offended The Muslims. He Said He Will Deny Any Entry, Would Force Them To Wear Religion And Identification Cards, And Also Said That “I Think Islam Hates Us” Which That Statement Itself Sparked A Lot Of Controversy. A Lot Of People Are Concerned At How Serious This Is Getting. Many People Have Said That At First Everyone Thought It Was A Joke Until Votes Started Coming In And He Was Winning His Debates. After Reading This You Will Realize And Understand More About Trump Comments And How People Are Reacting.
First I Will Discuss The Situation When He Said That He Will Deny Entry Into The United States When He Becomes President. This Was Towards The Beginning Of His Campaign When There Were Syrians Fleeing Their Homeland. He Is Saying That He Will Not Grant Entry Due To The Fact That We Will Have No Idea If There Are Isis Members In These Groups And That We Can’t Trust Them. Trump Is Throwing Hate Toward The Muslims And It Is The Wrong Thing To Do. How Could You Expect To Gain Positive Attention By Throwing Hatred Out There As Soon As He Did. According To The Article On (Link Posted Below) The Quoted Bernie Sanders Comments On Trump Banning And Criticizing Muslims, “ The American People Are Never Going To Elect A President Who Insults Mexicans, Who Insults Muslims, Who Insults Women, And Who Insults African Americans.” Now That’s A Good Strong Statement There But Is It Correct? As You Will See Later In This Article Will The American People Vote For Someone Who Insults Mexicans, Who Insults Muslims, Who Insults Women, And Who Insults African Americans????

Now I Will Talk About When He Said He Would Force Them To Wear Identification And Religion Cards. Now This Is Crazy This Exactly What Has Happened In The Past With Slavery And Also During The Holocaust. When Asked If This Was Similar To The Jews Wearing The David’s Star He Didn’t Answer At First But Then Said “Is It?” This Is Absolutely Disrespectful Toward The Muslims, Basically Saying They Are Different And Will Not Be Treated The Same As Us Americans. Does It Really Make Any Sense As To How This Guy’s Brain Is Working? He Is Giving Off Very Negative Vibes And He Comes Off As A Dictator. One Can Easily Compare Is Choice Or Demands With Others Such As Putin Or Hitler.

Finally I Will Into Detail On When Trump Decided To Say That “Islam Hates Us.” Anderson Cooper From CNN Asked Trump Whether Religion Was At War In The West, And That Was When Trump Responded With That. Also Going Back To My First Point When Saying He Will Deny Entry He Told Cooper During The Same Interview That “And We Can’t Allow People Into This Country Who Have This Hatred Of The United States.” Completely Shutting Down The Fact That Not All Muslims Have A Growing Hatred Towards America. Many Muslims Love America Due The Freedom To Practice Their Religion Which Basically Is Being Stripped Away On The Low. Many People Argue, What If The Muslims Hate Us? Do They Have A Reason To Hate Us. Now It Is Very Hard When It Comes To Arguing About Whether Our Rights Will Remain Our Rights But You Can Clearly Tell By Trumps Choice Of Words Toward The Muslims It Will Be A Very Awkward Stay In The United States.
I Have Explained 3 Ways Donald Trump Has Offended The Muslims. He Is Not Fit To Run A Country And Won’t Be Able To If He Continues To Act The Way He Does. He Will Only Spark Riots, Violence, And Possibly War. Apparently A Lot Of Americans Agree With His Beliefs And It’s Kind Of Scary If You Think About It. He Is Leading On The Republican Side And Its Not Even Close, In This Article On Political Insider (Link Down Below) They Back Up Trumps Views And Said “Then, He Went After The Politicians Who Are Afraid To Confront Evil Directly, Like A Real Leader Should.” With That Being Said You Can Clearly Tell They Are Idolizing Trump And Placing Him Above As Their Primary Candidate. You Can Pretty Much Tell What My Views Are On Trump And All I Have To Say Is I Am Very Nervous And Concerned To See How Our Country Will Shape Out In The Next 4 Years.
They Have Charts Showing All The Debates And You Can See How Trump Is Winning.

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