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May 2nd 2016

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My final project is going to be on the famous movement of #BlackLivesMatter. African American people have had a strong disagreeing relationship with the local authority for a long time now. They do not like them because they believe all they do is cause trouble and shoot other African Americans. Normally when confronted with the police, approaches normally end with arrest, some forced used, or either/both parties being pretty upset by the incident. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement that wants to inform the public that black people matter and should stop being gunned down and arrested by the police. They simply just want to say that black lives matter. That seems pretty obvious but a movement still had to be made to get a point across. As an African American male, I am not taking a side here because its hard to know who is always in the wrong or write but i will talk about it.

The Huffington Post posted an article saying that Christians will not say that #Blacklivesmatter. Right of the bat with the title they put Christians into a cross hair. They keep it non white related by keeping race out of the equation. The article then goes on to say instead of saying the phrase they state that Christians would rather say that all lives matter. This makes sense because all lives do matter. If there is a movement then there should be a movement for all other past restricted and hard life times. one example being the holocaust. Anyways when they stated this an advocate from BLM decided to quote and explain the basis and the movement. After that the Christians still would not say it and it had gotten worse. With new hashtags like #Blacklivesmatterbutnotasmuchasotherlives, long i know, and #Whitelivesmatter more. Nobody ever stated this on the record but now Christians are being looked on as the bad guy because of the style of writing and way this was presented. You should be able to support whatever you want and not be looked down at if you do not. The worst that could happen is a divide in black and white Christianity. That would be bad

ABC News Released a video on the cop who was charged for manslaughter but shockingly received no jail time. Now this one is a bit crazy to believe. At the trial of a New York City Police officer #Blacklivesmatters protesters showed up because the cop who’s bullet ricocheted and killed an unarmed black man received a reduce sentence that included community service but surprisingly no jail time. I feel like the police department are the targets here. This just further adds to the distrust of police and give black people a reason to fear and dislike them. Honestly at this verdict I really can not blame them. manslaughter is a felony. He took the life of another like so many before, not just police, and got no jail time. With the way it was reported, although professional, will still cause an uproar in the African American movement. Riots could break out and damage could be done. It has happened before and there is nothing in place to make sure it does not happen again. A good way to get a response out of someone is violence after all.

New York Times released a statement that activists of the movement #BlackLivesMatter are moving from protesting on the streets and sidewalks to attempting to get a seat on or a foot in the door of the government. This is literally probably the best way to actually get something done. Protesting will only get you so far. Getting inside and pushing to get some laws and things changed will get you a lot further though. Running on a strong platform with guaranteed votes and a good amount of people supporting you does not hurt either. The media here presented it pretty straight forward. There is no bias and no real consequences. There are already black people in the government. Even our current president is black. So nobody should get to upset about this. Only people who break the law should be upset by stronger punishments.

Fox News presented an article about some students who hung up a certain poster in the a courthouse. Its just a poster that says stop the violence, black lives matter, stop the racism. That seems pretty harmless. All these statements are pretty true. They should not offend anybody and the poster should be okay. Now imagine some peoples surprise when a couple of retired cops start to hate on and request the poster should be taken down. It was not even cop related but apparently that felt it was pointed towards them. Its a lose-lose to request to take it down because it shows you either do not care about other races, or think all cops are violent and racist people. They cops were not made to look bad but they just naturally kind of do. Funny how things just never seem to work out in there favor. The consequences here depend on if the poster is taken down or left up. If its left up then cops will be upset but probably wont do anything. If its taken down then African Americans could become upset and they are known to do just about anything. Its a slippery slope with this one.

BBC news although a new station in the United Kingdom still had some things to say on the famous movement being #BlackLivesMatter. They are wondering if it will change in a election year. The article is all about how a reporter came to america to have a chat, discuss some of the chaos, and honestly make cops look as bad as possible. This was the most one sided thing i have ever read. Remember i am taking no sides here. He went to Chicago and other places that had some tragic moments in recent black history and took quotes from people who have lost family,friends,etc there. Its tear jerking enough to make one sad for the people who were lost and mad at the people who took them away. I say its one sided because he took no statements from the police. I’m sure what they would say to defend themselves but at least give someone the chance to do it. From the article there should not be any major consequences but will further divide the public from the police. At this rate they will never trust each other.

The Telegraph, like many other news stations, also decided to put out some content on the movement #BlackLivesMatter. According to the articles eyes are now pointed as Facebook. One of the largest social media sights in history is now being looked at by black lives matter advocates. So apparently when you walk into Facebook’s office there are walls where you can leave messages. There are your typical cute and funny messages but the one that seems to stuck out is when someone crossed out a black lives matter message and replaced it with all lives matter. People associated with the movement are saying this is like quieting a black persons voice and raising a white mans. In a sense that is true but also kind of a stretch. Its a valid point but seems a big petty to get upset over. Mark Zuckerberg released an apology and formal statement before this went on for to long and any real damage could be done. In the end because of the official and seemingly heartfelt apology there will be absolutely no consequences. This is a win for all parties. Well maybe not the guy who crossed it out and replaced it.

The Guardian, another news station and website goes on to talk about the advance towards political standing by #BlackLivesMatter advocates. A woman named Kim Foxx oversaw and achieved multiple victories over her opponent while moving to become the new state attorney. People were upset that her opponent was not acting on a cop who killed a 17 year old kid. This made her victories even easier. Kim wants to clean up and fix the judicial system so that it actually has an effect against anybody and everybody. It should give nobody any special treatment because of the color of there skin or wherever around the world they came from. Honestly i agree with this even if I’m not a fan of the whole idea of the movement. If people want change, as i said before, this is the best way to get things done. Because to much violence will just lead to more violence that will lead to anarchy. So if she does succeed the laws may change and more people will be in jail for longer. This could lead to overcrowding and more taxes. Its basically a butterfly effect of consequences that could or could not happen at any moment. Only time will really tell what happens.

CNN News also put in some news about the movement. They talk about how they started off as nothing but a hashtag wanting to change the fate of black people. To how they are now a national movement recognized by all. They say how they begun with the killings of some African American people. They wanted justice and demanded it through protest and sometimes destruction. They became heard and that voice only got louder and louder. They discuss there influence and things they have done. Like causing a big enough uproar to cause Bernie Sanders to leave while taking over the stage. They then go on to discuss the future of the movement when they realize that in order to get change they must enter the system and change it from the inside. The article is a bit dated because that is currently being attempted right now. CNN does not seem to be against or with the movement but rather explain the history of it. The only thing this will do is make people want to join up and fight for the cause.


Personally i am one of the all lives matter types. I understand African Americans have struggled but so have other races. There is not a nation wide movement for the Mexicans and Donald Trump is currently working to deport them. Now i do believe that black lives do matter, racism should stop, and there should be no violence but it should not be limited to only one kind of people. Its a start but this should cover and protect everyone because everyone knows and some studies show that black people are not always and are most of cop related deaths out there. Its just a bigger uproar when an unarmed black male dies to the hand of the police. This should not happen either but sometimes sh*t that you cannot control happens.













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