Bernie Sander’s hug on Muslim girl Rema

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Bernie Sander’s hug on Muslim girl Remaz

The topic of religious freedom is often discussed in American politics. Muslim bashing  seems to be one of  the toppest political trend this year. For my project, I’m going to analyze one event that the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hugs Muslim student and vow to fight racism. Specifically, the event went like this: one Muslim girl Remaz Abdelgader decided not be silent of the growing Islamophobic sentiment in the country and bravely asked Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a question during his talk at George Mason University.  Then when Sanders appeared to be  touched by Abdelgader’s comments, and motioned for her to join him on stage. As the muslim came forward, Sanders embraced her with a hug which immediately leave a huge response by all the people on spot. “We play one group off against another. The rich got richer [while] everybody else was fighting each other. Our job is to build a nation in which we all stand together as one people,” Sanders said, telling Abdelgader that she was “absolutely correct” that there was hostility toward Muslims and other immigrants. I will analyze different presentations in different media for this event during my project.

Bernie Sander is the democratic presidential candidate for American president this year. He is actually a Jewish. Why he is standing with Muslim and how does different media cover this event? It’s really worth to have an analysis.

According to an article from, Islamaphobia” is an issue that is not just a partisan topic. On the political left, Americans appear to be divided, as more politically correct liberals often silence any criticism of Islam, lumping it together with anti-Muslim bigotry. While on the flip side, others refer to that group as the “regressive left,” often pointing out the difference between criticizing a religion, and attacking an individual believer.In this article, the author focused much on quoting the words from the Muslim girl and Sanders. Also the author held a neutral attitude towards Sander’s behavior. As for another article which is Bernie Sanders learns Muslims Give Best Hugs from muslin, the author who is a Muslim emphasize more on the muslim’s girl Remaz’s words and impacts rather than what Sander has done.

Specifically,the author mentioned that  Remaz could have very easily asked about policies on student loan forgiveness, or marriage equality, the pay gap — all things that candidate Bernie Sanders would certainly have been ready to answer. Instead  asked the big Islamophobia which almost none of us would ask in that situation. The author appreciated that Remaz represent a refreshing young voice advocating for muslim girl’s rights. She brought to attention that the rights of Muslims, too, need to be included in the conversation of bringing change to America. After all, religious affiliation has nothing to do with nationality or patriotism. However, when the author talked about Sander’s response to this Muslim girl, he said Sanders gave an emotional, yet vague reply about the great need in this country to erase racism and hate crimes that stem from Islamophobia, along with a heartfelt hug for Remaz. He then noted the amount of pride he felt seeing so many young people that cared about the Democratic process.

Overall, these two media with two different racial affiliations present different perceptions about Sander’s behavior.



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