Trump Against Muslims

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Jerome Clark




My final project is going to be about Donald trump against the Muslims. As Barrack Obama is coming to the end of his term we are going to need a new president to run our country. Donald trump is a republican candidate who is running in the presidential election. Donald trump is all over the social media for the remarks that he makes that come off offensive in most cases. I personally, don’t like Donald Trump as he continues to make idiotic decisions in his campaign. I don’t think he would even be a decent president. He shouldn’t even be allowed to be running for president. If he were to become president I think a lot of bad things would start to happen like riots, chaos, and possibly war. All though he has a lot of supporters along with a lot of people who dislike him. Therefor that is creating riots all across the world about him campaigning. Trump is leading in the polls shown underneath for immigration and terrorism.

The biggest problem about Donald trump is that he is racist. He’s mostly known for making demands about how the Mexicans are going to pay for a new advanced boarder to prevent illegal immigration from occurring. The worst view about Donald trump is his hate against the Muslims. Donald trump wishes to ban all Muslims from coming into the United States, he said that in the beginning of his campaign. He wishes to ban them because of Al-Qaida, and Isis. He says all of the Muslims can’t be trusted. Muslims already have a bad reputation due to the Boston bombing. Now with Donald Trump attacking them, it’s making their lives a hostile living environment for them. Muslims would get judged because of the way they dress. They’ll have to deal with people giving them dirty stares as they go on with their lives.  They are seen as America’s terrorist. Not all Muslims are bad, but since they have been projected as terrorists and all of them are like, most American’s see them all as bad. Trump is putting all of this hate towards the Muslim culture, and it’s wrong. They should be seen as normal human beings, just because there’s a terrorist group that are Muslim, doesn’t mean that all people who are Muslims are terrorist. I can’t believe that some people are for Donald trump. If he were to become president everything will collapse.

     Donald trump also claims that Islam hates American according to He stated that we don’t know if they want to harm America in any form of way. He said 25% of the polls through center security policy that violence against America are Muslims. Then he says that he has friends that are Muslims and that they know they have a problem here. How could you want to vote for a president that wants to judge a whole group of people by a couple of actions?

During an interview Thursday on CNN, Trump says” I would bomb the S*** out of Isis.” Now why on earth would you want to bomb Isis? I believe that trump always will react to violence, which will only create war if he were to become president. Why would someone want to put innocent lives at risk just to kill a specific group of people that are a threat to us?

Also during another interview trump stated that he wants to give all Muslims an Identification badge. With that being said, he’s trying to single out all of the Muslims. Trumps plan is similar to the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

In conclusion, I don’t think Muslims should have to be banned from entering the United States. Not all Muslims are bad, they just want to live their lives unbothered just like the rest of us. We shouldn’t single them out and ban them just because of a specific groups actions. They also shouldn’t have to carry around or register for a brand new identification card. I don’t think trump is a very good candidate.



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