Christian Effects of Black Lives Matter

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Today, in a world consumed by the classification by one of the most misconcepted terms which is race. Within this term brought much suffering and dark and brutal pasts in history, which is being caused again now. Police brutality towards others and civilians destroying our own cities is what is being caused in the world today. Instead of keeping a tight hold on one another, we tend to push each other away instead. Black   Lives Matter, a movement that started out to be a way to speak for the people classified as African American and used for battling the racist comments and brutality innocent people that have been hurt or killed by either cop or racist man. Although Black Lives Matter started off strong with non-violent protests, it soon began to unravel with violence against their communities.  Within these violent protests, many people have been hurt, killed and even made things worse for the situation. 

In Charlotte, North Carolina a innocent White man was beaten by a group of black individuals. Within this video the man did nothing but mind his own business and not say a word about being racist, but in return he was brutally jumped. Although this has happened with black people to, it is not okay to protest in such a way. Not every white man is racist and neither is every black man. “It’s ok to peaceful protest but when you start looting, beating up innocent people because of race, and tearing up the city you live in NOW that’s a real issue.” Was a comment mentioned in the article clearly stating that protesting is okay when it is in a peaceful manner, which is great until violence spills on innocent people get hurt because of it.  The mass destruction of communities continues as the protest go on. Like the riots in Baltimore where the city was struck with violence. Businesses were trashed and ruined, people were getting hurt and cops as well. This act of violence does nothing but make people. Or Portland police that were attacked in what started out to be a normal protest.

The Christian community chooses not to deal with such a group for very solid reasons. The act upon a war against a cause that does not need it makes it hard for many Christians to stay on board. The destroyed communities that creates unhealthy environments for others and more importantly children. This means many among the act of Black Lives Matter are destroying a community in which shouldn’t be destroyed. Violet protest have led to the injuries of many innocent all over the country. A Black Cop shows this in a post he had made. A Florida Cop made a post saying

 “I used to be so torn inside growing up. Here I am, a young African-American born and raised in Brooklyn, NY wanting to be a cop. I watched and lived through the crime that took place in the hood,” Officer Jay Stalien wrote. “My own black people killing others over nothing. It never sat right with me. I wanted to help my community and stop watching the blood of African Americans spilled on the street at the hands of a fellow black man. I became a cop because black lives in my community, along with ALL lives, mattered to me, and wanted to help stop the bloodshed. I remember the countless times I stood 2 inches from a young black man, around my age, laying on his back, gasping for air as blood filled his lungs. I remember them bleeding profusely with the unforgettable smell of deoxygenated dark red blood in the air, as it leaked from the bullet holes in his body on to the hot sidewalk on a summer day,” he continued. “I remember the countless times I had to order new uniforms, because the ones I had on, were bloody from the blood of another black victim…of black on black crime. I remember the countless times I got back in my patrol car, distraught after having watched another black male die in front me, having to start my preliminary report something like this: Suspect- Black/ Male, Victim-Black /Male.”

This young cop is showing that not every cop is a bad guy. Are the things that have happened in the past to people of an African American nationality wrong? Yes, of course, but the act upon how we as people handle and protest the situation is up to us to make sure we do it in a non-violent and effective way.

 Another topic that contradicts each other even through having a similar goal Black Lives Matter VS. All Lives Matter in which they both want equality but somehow want to go against each other because one is for all and all is for one. This act is upon equal rights for every race within the US, but many contradict each other. Within the same goal has continued the sharp argument of the misconcepted word of race and how race should matter when it should actually be every individual.

To be helped by a Christian community or Religion and Secularism  articles say it should start with stopping such ineffective violent protests. Showing people in different ways and more positive attitudes on how to protest and show the people of the hateful United States that not just black lives matter, but everyone’s life. That race is a very misconcepted term and there is no difference in how we humans are. Showing others the same way we did when Martin Luther King Jr did when he was alive.  Showing the similarity within us as humans rather than the completion of someone’s skin that just shows where prehistoric ancestors are were from. Which has no specific importance, so in order to go on with this we must all come to a conclusion and end racism all together as it is a misconception as there is no real way to classify race.


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