The Hijab

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For my project, I decided to focus on the media’s influence on the Hijab through a website (link below). I have two main sections, one titled “The changing views” this shows the media’s positive representation of women wearing the hijab, and because of this Muslim woman are becoming more confident and recognized. I have several articles with different women who have used the media to represent them and their hijab, each one of these topics has a link to the website at the end if you would like to view the entire article (click read more to view the whole commentary). I also have a section titled “Media Conflict” this section discusses how the media has negatively portrayed the hijab, making women feel unsafe and often times pressured to remove their Hijab. You will also see on the right side of my website a picture that says “The Hijab explained” these are youtube videos that I have found interesting and really displays the differences of how some view the hijab make sure you take a look! My final conclusions have its own tab with my personal intake on the medias influence, and how the hijab should be portrayed.

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