Donald Trump Visiting Black Church: Does the media influence the supporters of this action?

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Donald Trump was one of the most controversial republican candidate and soon be to President of the in United States history.  During Donald Trump’s campaign to office, Donald Trump himself and his fellow staff made an altering change to their campaign route. Their idea was Donald Trump making a surprise visit at Great Faith Ministries International which is a normally an African American Church. Donald and his staff contrived the idea because how the media and his fellow opponent Hilary Clinton has brought the idea of Donald Trump not having humanity or he isn’t concerned with the minorities in the United States. By Donald Trump preaching at Great Faith Ministries International it has jump started his movement to the oval office. Since Donald Trump preaching at the church, the mass communication network has begun altering Trump’s intentions of why he wanted to go there. In the essay I will be presenting, I will introduce several media sources and analyze them for the current topic I am presenting. The past year, the media has benefited or suffered to Donald Trump’s campaign popularity and the media continues to distrust Donald’s morals and his future plans.

A mass communication website known as Salon presented Donald going to African American church a horrible thing because how Donald acts to the African American minority. The title of their article said “Devil in the pulpit: Trump’s visit to a black church was racial stagecraft aimed at gullible whites” presented that they truly thought that Donald was the devil because of his views. The information they presented created atmosphere of hatred to Donald Trump and at one point their news source. Trump supporters was outraged because the media would have the ability to take harshly of one their candidates for President of the United States. The article didn’t talk of Donald’s religious point of view they focused on Donald just being alongside of African American fork. The media has presented numerous amount of times where Donald showed his feelings of African Americans but by Donald visiting the church it showed that Trump cares about his soon to be citizens and of their faith. The specific new source doesn’t grow their influence in Trump supporters because they continue to project Donald as satin or sexiest homophobia candidate.

Fox News that is widely known for their conservative views and they applaud Trump for him visiting Great Faith Ministers. They applauded him because they been criticizing him for his actions but now they see Trump is taking action. The detailed information they presented created a capacitating appeal of Donald Trump visiting the African American Church. Fox News showed that Trump is willing to go to lengths to spread his message of their human rights agenda. This specific news-outlet is influence in numerous topics especially to politics. Trump supporters and none supporters of trump will see the article and they will have a new and interested interpretation of Donald Trump. Fox News has been on sides of all republican candidates but they lightly supported Trump because of he isn’t a true establishment politician. They increased their support for Trump since him speaking at the church, because he is sticking to his word of which he will to make America great again. This specific news source can start campaigns just by spreading the word to their viewers because of how popular the news industry has grown to be. Fox News jump started Trump’s campaign with a gently spotlight on why Donald Trump wants to be president. Also on what will be do during his time in office to make America a better place to live.

CNN has been known to be a true supporter of the democratic party for decades but the article they shown of Donald Trump visiting the African American church represents both sides of politics. The article shows that they also think that by Trump visiting the Great Faith Ministers Church was a good move for Trump’s revolutionary movement of power that he is spreading throughout the nation. CNN represents their view throughout politics clearly but in the article the network represented their views of Trump was spilt between for trump and against trump. The way they shown their view of them being against Trump, is while they present Trump is doing a good thing but they also talk about Trump’s views towards the minorities. The article also talks about the protestors view of the church letting Trump speak to their children. The protestors reason to protest is that they can get exposure to news outlets to help them with their cause and without the media broadcasting Trump’s appearance they would have never known. The media broadcasts this certain information is to be the community ganged up on Trump to pin him against the wall and hear his real views of the minorities.  CNN influences democratic viewership because they show what they want to hear and they present that Trump is at the church just because he has to but it’s not the case. CNN hatred towards Republican candidates goes back centuries because of their failure to achieve change in their society.

In conclusion, Trump visiting an African American church gained news networks attention because of they crave for the chance to expose Trump. The media wants to expose trump in a fashion of which it will either back fire on his campaign or make it even stronger. Numerous news sources has influenced our outlook on our political views and the way our morals have been shaped. My point of view of Trump visiting the Great Faith Ministers is that it pushed my view of Trump being my world leader. It also made me think whether we need a person to lead us that hasn’t been a politician his whole career. The new sources can influence my opinion but it is also up to me and what I want my future to be. I watch the news every day that I can inform myself what the world is going on in his society of madness. Donald Trump visiting the church has been projected in every news sources but it has been known in a positive and negative light. News sources influences people but it’s up to people of which was we interpret the information.


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