Student Instructions


I want to see you building sound arguments, which are backed up by strong supporting evidence. You will be graded on clarity of ideas and expression, demonstrated engagement with the readings, and sound argumentation. A detailed guide to success can be found on the grading rubric.

Citing Materials and Sources

Within your project you should link directly to sources (embed in the wording – like this)

However, at the end of your blog post you should include a digital bibliography.

Citations should look something like this (author, “title of article,” New York Times, MM/DD/YEAR (url link)).

Karen Zarindast, “Free food for fasters in Jakarta mosque,” BBC, 8/26/2011 (

Karen Zarindast, “Ramadan celebrated off the main road in Islamabad,” BBC, 8/17/2011 (

Unknown author, “Indonesia Ahmadiyah attack: Outrage over victim jailing,” BBC, 8/15/2011 (


Copyright & Creative Commons – Make sure you do not use any Copyrighted material or your post will be removed and  you will receive a zero for your project.