Blogging Instructions

Blogging can be easy, fun, and provide an avenue for our own creative expression and analysis. By following a few tutorials we can learn to be as familiar with blogging as we are with other types of media.

One of the most popular blogging tools is WordPress. The easiest way to learn how to use a blog is watching a video tutorial as you follow along (and do it yourself). Each blog post should be published by the end of the due day. If you have questions please ask for my assistance.


Using WordPress (Dashboard)

Posts and Pages

Adding New Posts

Adding Media

Posts – You want to make sure to add new posts. Do not add new pages. These will then show up in our blog roll. Make sure to (1) title your post,  (2) add an image, audio, and/or video, and  (3) check appropriate categories. Finally click publish. You can always edit your posts if you forget something or need to change it after publishing.

Images – Each blog post should include an image (if applicable), which can be found on places like Photopin under Creative Commons license. Make sure to add appropriate attribution for your photo. “photo credit: So and So under Creative Common License”

Categories – Please check any categories that apply to your post. Please feel free to add broad categories that are not already listed.


1. Add new POST – DO NOT add new PAGE

2. Title – Make sure you add titles to your posts

3. Categories – Be sure to check all categories that apply to your post. You can find the categories on the right hand side of the dashboard.

4. Images – Pleas include an image on written pieces to pull readers in.

5. Hyperlink – Be sure to link the sources you are discussing in your projects. Select text and click on the chain icon in the dashboard. This will allow others follow where you found your resources.

6. Author – Be sure to clearly indicate who the author(s) of the post are. If you don’t you may not get credit.

7. Publish – Make sure you publish your posts. If you do not you can lose your work. Also, click “Save Draft” periodically if your are working for a long time.

8. Share – Be proud and share your work – Twitter with our hashtag, Facebook, Mom and Dad, Grandma, your resume. Let others know what you are doing and show them how smart and creative you are. I know I will be sharing!

9. Have fun – Remember this is intended to be an enjoyable project. Don’t stress out – ask for help if you need it. Have some fun with it and be creative!

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