Podcasting Instructions

Podcasting is actually pretty low tech. All you need to create a podcast is a microphone and recording software. Most computers and smart phones have both of these features built in.

The two easiest programs are Audacity (free download for PC or Mac) and GarageBand (Mac). Garage Band should be found on any Macintosh Computer found in computer labs.

Once you have completed your podcast save it somewhere (USB drive, Dropbox, etc.), upload it to Soundcloud, and publish to our class blog.

If you have any problem uploading your podcast before the due date please contact me and immediately provide me with a copy on a USB drive. If this is not done before the due date it will be considered late.


How To Podcast  –  Audacity – Video

GarageBand – Video

Soundcloud– Video


1. Create a Soundclound Account

2. Upload your podcast to Soundcloud

3. Link your Soundcloud podcast to your blog post Video (Make sure you paste the link in “Text” mode and not “Visual” mode)

4. Publish


NPR, “Olympians’ Dilemma: ‘Starve My Soul’ For Ramadan?

NPR, “To Some Hindus, Modern Yoga Has Lost Its Way

PRI, “Tibet on the Pages of Comic Books


Student Examples

Pervez Musharraf’s Return to Pakistan

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