Telling Stories

Who is my audience? How should I compose my projects? Knowing whom you will be addressing is an important skill that will carry over into all aspects of your life. For our World Religion Blog there are two primary audiences: Me and the public. Of course you will be assessed for your skill in composing an arguing your projects. However, anyone who is interested in religion in contemporary society will be able to access our blog. Please keep this in mind when creating your projects. You must create products that are engaging for a broad public audience. This falls somewhere between formal academic writing and your own personal reflections, critical arguments that don’t lose your personal touch (humorous, passionate, animated, etc.). Storytelling becomes key in translating issues into entertaining narratives that the public wants to consume.

This American Life, Radio: An Illustrated Guide ($2, optional) covers the whole process of telling a story and recording it as an audio narrative.


How to tell a good story? (Or how to get someone to care about what you are communicating)

Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 1Part 2, Part 4

Storytelling in the Age of New Media (a few examples)

The Digital Story Of Nativity (Christmas 2.0)

Parisian Love

Dear Sophie


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