Video Instructions

Video creation requires a computer or smart phone and video editing software. The two easiest and most common programs are iMovie (Mac) or Movie Maker (PC). If you use one of the school’s computers please make sure you have time to compete your assignment in one sitting as it is difficult to stop and start the process due to larger file sizes. Feel free to think outside of the box to create a video project. It does not need to consist of video footage but can use pictures, screenshots, drawings, etc. to convey your message.




Movie Maker


1. Create a Vimeo or Youtube Account

2. Upload your video

3. Embed YouTube, Vimeo on your post


Mechanical Icon

Washington’s Grand Monument to Martin Luther King Jr.


Student Examples

The Syrian Situation: An Analysis of Media and Religion in the Syrian Civil War


Comparison of Media presence of Malala Yousafzai and Nabila Rehman


The Hijab in the Media

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